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Qualitative Face Fit Testing


Call Out to all Dentists- Face Fit Testing Offer

Following on from the CDO’s A Prompt to Prepare, it is advisable to ensure you have considered face fit testing for your staff. At present it is really important to ensure that those undertaking aerosol generating procedures (AGP’s -such as dentists) are appropriately checked.

Face fit testing is a method for checking that a tight-fitting facepiece matches the person’s facial features and seals adequately to the wearer’s face. If masks are worn in the workplace then you will be required to provide evidence of a fit test for each mask worn. Face Fit Testing is required under the COSHH, CLAW and CAW Regulations for all tight-fitting face-pieces.

We can offer you a flexible and responsive service with trained professionals to support you to ensure your staff are protected. We have availability from next week and could either attend your place of work or you are welcome to be seen in our clinic in Burgess Hill

For further information please contact us on:
Tel: 01273 359135

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