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Research & Development Tax Credits


I recently applied to receive tax credits for research and development costs on a project we developed in house with our design team... within a couple of weeks we had successfully claimed more than £1500 in tax credits back from the government. 

The thing is I was completely unaware that we would be eligible until a friend recommended I speak to a specialist company who work on a no win no fee basis. 

​The process was simple and straightforward and took no more than an hour of my time, they did all the work, wrote the report and liaised with HMRC. I didn’t need to pay anything until confirmation of a refund from HMRC had arrived.

If you are a Limited company based in the UK and in any of these industries you are more than likely to qualify: Architecture, Electrical contracting, Property development, Manufacturing, Engineering, Design/development, Food/drink, Science/Pharma, Research, or invested in any piece of software for an online platform/new product.

I would highly recommend anyone who thinks they might be even remotely eligible to try... you have nothing to lose but may gain a good deal!  If you would like me to pass on their details please send me an email and I'll introduce you.


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