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Become the premier networker in your area by running a First Friday Network meeting!

First Friday is a business networking event held monthly with meetings across the south coast. The network is looking to expand nationally and needs self motivated, fun networkers to help us grow. The concept is: fun, relaxed and no 'lock-outs' - just an informal gathering in a welcoming environment's that Friday feeling!

Most network companies charge the attendees to meet each other - pressurising members to achieve value for money against the clock whilst frantically looking to make that elusive contact. At the monthly First Friday meetings it's free to attend enabling the visitor to relax and be themselves. Also, the paid for breakfast meetings create a welcoming relaxed atmosphere that naturally leads to business and referrals being done.

Why should I run a monthly First Friday Network meeting?

Whether you are a new or established business the exposure of being the organiser of a busy network event like First Friday is priceless. Your company details appear on all marketing material and it is your name that will be mentioned when people refer new guests to visit. The cost of gaining this level of exposure would normally be prohibitive, especially if you had to buy advertising space, but the network acts as your word-of-mouth sales force! Becoming an organiser boosts your image as a trustworthy individual to do business with.

What will it cost me?

The set up fee is just £75 and then £25 a month on a rolling licence, if you would like to know more please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for an information brochure.

Current Licensees have stated that the cost of setting up and running a First Friday event has been recovered many times over from the contacts, and subsequent work, they have made at meetings. Please note: You can earn a small revenue stream from the online membership sales for people that sign up using your meeting code. We will share the fees with you – 50% of Annual fees and 25% of Monthly fees – this could be enough to cover all of your costs and more!  

Don't just take my word for it... This is what other organisers have to say about the First Friday Network and why they love it so much.

“I set it up as a good way to gain entry to the local business community as a new business in the professional sector. I also wanted to meet businesses that don’t want to go to evening and breakfast networking events. I view it as a marketing tool for my business, as I do all types of networking that I undertake, the only difference is that I am the only person there that has had a direct financial cost for attending, which is offset by the people who actively target you and the promotion that being the event organiser gives you. I have seen the benefit of running the events in quickly gaining brand awareness in the local business area. It has helped me gain business from companies that would have taken me longer to build relationships with had I not set up the First Friday Networking event. It has also helped my business find clients and I can say that the direct cost of setting up a First Friday event has been recovered many times over! We had 40 different businesses at the first event from a number of different industries and I know that I made connections at that first meeting that have produced business for me. If I did not run the event I would still attend.”

The events have been so successful for Tony he has gone on to open a second group in Crawley!

If you are interested in finding out about promoting you and your business through networking then get in touch:

Contact Steve Wilson 01243 276073 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)