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5 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Use Air Compressors


You may think you know the main uses of an air compressor but there are some interesting processes that air compressors are used for. These useful pieces of equipment that transform power into the potential energy in pressurised form. 

Often, they are used to fill cylinders for divers, for pneumatic HVAC systems and a variety of other pneumatic power tools.

Air Energy, who specialise in air compressor services and products have a list of 5 fun things that you might not have associated with compressors. 

Paint The Home Like You’re a Pro

Want to get the painting and decorating done in your home quickly and finish it like a pro? An air compressor is great to use for giving power to spray guns. 

With some practice you can get greater coverage that you can’t with just applying paint directly from the tin using a roller or brush. 

If you want to customise your motorcycle or your child’s bike, you can, with an airbrush, some well placed masking tape and an air compressor, give it some go faster stripes, flames or something similar.

Create a Snowmaker

Want to give the next party you throw for your children and their friends or that adult social gathering a unique touch that will have all your guests jealous? 

Air compressors can be used to create DIY snowmakers.

Inflate Paddling Pools and Other Inflatables

Who hasn’t been caught out trying to blow up their inflatable paddling pool or other air-filled accessories? 

If you want to inflate anything while saving your cheeks and much quicker than relying on your own lungs, you could use an air compressor and attach a special tapered nozzle.

Increase the Heat Quickly

The last thing you want when you are trying to have a BBQ for all your friends is to realise that because you’ve been the host with the most, you’ve forgotten to get the fire started under your grill. 

Instead of waiting for the coals to warm up or using lighter fluid, you could consider investing in an air compressor for this kind of situation where you need to stoke the flames quickly. 

It takes a bit of practice, but once you find that sweet spot, the flames will be roaring and ready to grill up a feast in no time at all. 

A word of warning - don’t try to do it without a pressure regulator or you won’t increase the heat, but rather will put that nice fire out completely.

Clean Up Mess Easily

An air compressor is probably not the first piece of kit you’d think of using if you’ve been working on the driveway, whacking and removing weeds or working on your car or motorcycle in the garage. 

However, by not using an air compressor you are missing out on a nifty trick. An air compressor in short bursts is all you need to clear the area you have been working on and in. 

Get an air blow gun, some goggles and make sure the air regulator is set to 30 PSI or lower and you are ready to go.

Just don’t turn the air compressor on to yourself, as that would be very dangerous.


As you can now see, while air compressors might not seem like the most exciting topic, they're actually responsible for some of the most exciting and important processes and outcomes in our lives. 


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