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What should you think about before having an app designed for your business?


Having a new app designed for your business is an exciting part of any marketing plan but, even when you have a professional app designer on hand, there are still a few things you'll need to do before you get to the design stage. So, what should you think about before the first designs come to life to ensure you give your brand new app the best possible chance of success?

1. Ask yourself, is there a need for my app?

For any product to be successful, you need to know that there is a demand for it, so it is a great idea to do some market research before you have an app designed to ensure there is a demand for it. Here, it's important to research what's already in the market and available for download on places like the App Store. Look at reviews and ratings and consider actually reaching out and speaking to your target users. Would they use it?

2. Be clear on the purpose of your app

Once you have determined there is a demand for your app, hone in on its purpose. This could be a specific problem your app solves if you are creating an app for business use for example. Try to crystallise this into an elevator pitch- a two or three sentence outline of your app's purpose. What will it do?

3. Pick a platform

A very important decision is whether or not your app will be designed for Android, Apple or both. The platform you choose may be influenced by your users so again, refer back to your market research and do your due diligence before making a decision. 

4. Define your USP

Chances are, there will be other apps which are similar to the one you have in mind. To stand out, you'll need to define your USPs and clearly lay out what makes your app different from the existing offerings that your desired audience may already be using.

5. Create a marketing plan 

A marketing plan is a critical component of your initial app strategy because this will determine whether or not your app reaches the intended audience. You will need to factor in some budget decisions at this point too and may need to do a little more market research. Which channels will be most appropriate for your app promotion? what kind of advertising will you implement? Will you need a website created too? Having a blueprint ready to go means you can hit the ground running and get promoting your app to the right people as quickly as possible after launch.  


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