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Enterprise First / Growth Vouchers

Contact: STipton
Address: 11 Wellington Street, , Aldershot, Surrey, GU11 1DX
T: 07799 140380 | M: 07799 140380
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Enterprise First are a not for profit organisation and the delivery partner for the Government's Start & Grow Initiative along with a Virgin Start Up Loan…

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True Potential’s impulseSave

impulseSave® is our first-of-its-kind technology that helps you add money to your investments in an instant. We believe that this technology can change the way people save and their habits for doing so. Our goal with impulseSave® is simple – turn… more

True Potential shortlisted for four Money Marketing Awards

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in four categories at the Money Marketing Financial Services Awards 2015. For 25 years, the awards have recognised the very best financial services providers, with a focus on providing excellent… more

Reputation Counts in Bookkeeping - Yours and Mine

As a business, I market myself as a Chichester bookkeeper. I am treasurer of Chichester Chamber of Commerce and I primarily network and work in the Chichester area. Living in the city too, it means most of my working time is spent a stone’s throw from… more

Don’t Get Left Behind

We’re concerned that small businesses are not being made sufficiently aware of the existence or implications of workplace pensions. Over the next few years nearly a million businesses will be compelled to offer their staff a work place pension. Because… more

Owt for nowt!

It really is possible to get ‘owt for nowt’. Simply copy and paste this link into your browser: and get your free sales tips. Remember to bookmark to come back, or better still, click the RSS feed icon and have our tips… more

Hiding our light under a Bushell

It is a given that everyone of us knows how to sell, it is part of our development as infants; how we gain attention, compete for food and nurture when defenseless, yet most of us forget. Once we have the ability to get our own food, care for our own… more

Be the best… not the cheapest!

People don’t by on price. It’s true … even though we often wrongly assume that price is all that matters. However, if we all bought on price we would all wear the same clothes (the cheapest), drive the same cars (the cheapest) eat toast for breakfast,… more