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Tips For Choosing A Refrigerated Van Hire for your Business


A refrigerated vehicle can be vital for any business that needs to transport goods kept at a certain temperature.  An example of this is any business that transports foods that need to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent them from going off.  Fortunately, there are many different types and styles of refrigerated vans available from Fridge Express.  While this is helpful, it can also make choosing the right van much harder and it can be a costly mistake to choose the wrong one. 


If you are looking for a refrigerated van, there are some tips that you can use to help make this choice.  Before you start looking at these vehicles, you will need to consider what you need the van to have.  This will help you work out the best type of van for your business and allows you to tell the seller or vehicle converter as much as possible. If it's going to be something you do regularly or if you wish to move to a larger commercial vehicle then a CDL test could be a necessity and you can start practicing with these a CDL practice test


Do You Need A Chiller Or A Freezer Van?


This will depend on the type of products and goods you are transporting in the van.  Certain products must be kept at lower temperatures and you need to consider this.  There are some van conversions that allow you to split the temperature of the van so you can always transport goods at different temperatures.  All RVR vans will have dual compartments that allow you to carry different products at different temperatures.


Do You Need To Defrost The Goods In Your Van?


According to Justin Barrett most vans defrost on a timely basis.  However, there are kits and systems that can be installed to help maintain a consistent temperature.  There are also certain companies that install all vans with an automatic defrosting system.


Do You Need To Keep The Van Refrigerated Overnight?


There are some vans that allow you to plug into an electric stand to ensure your goods are refrigerated overnight.  This will keep your goods at the right temperature without you needing to keep the van running.  This is a good and cost-effective solution for storing your products at the right temperature.  Of course, not all vans will have this facility.


How Long Do You Need The Van For?


When it comes to hiring a refrigerated van, you need to consider the length of the contract.  Companies offer a range of contract lengths from daily hire to weekend hire to monthly hire.  You may also be able to get a seasonal hire or long-term hire contract. You can then use other forms of transport during the year. 


A good refrigerated van can change your business because it takes care of all your refrigeration needs and boosts your business operations.  If you are unsure of anything regarding these vans, you should not be afraid to ask rental companies or other van providers.  If the company you work with is an industry expert, they will be able to answer all of your questions and some that you might not have thought about.  If the company cannot answer any of your questions, you might want to reconsider working with them.


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