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Sound System Installation York


Sound System Installation York – we have just completed another Sound System Installation in a newly built wedding venue which is a large converted barn on a farm near York in Cundall with the installation of four Martin Audio X10 speakers, two Electrovoice 15″ Bass Speakers and an another audio system within the ceremony room next door.

We were contracted to install an professional audio system within a barn conversion on a farm near York so we opted to install four Martin Audio X10 speakers which are suspended from the steel girders on either side in the main hall area, along with two Electrovoice Bass speakers which are installed on the floor centrally to the room.

Within the floor standing sound equipment cabinet we have installed a Cloud CX163 single zone mixer, Audio Technica Handheld Radio Mic System, Martin Audio DX5 system controller/crossover, a Crown stereo amplifier for the Mid/Top speakers and a Crown stereo amplifier for the Bass Speakers, Denon rackmount bluetooth receiver unit and a Denon Media Player with CD, USB and SD card playback.

We have also provided them with XLR inputs so that any visiting bands can easily plug into the sound system but we have restricted the sound level within the main hall so that the audio system is protected.

Sound System Installation York


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