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Sound System Installation Leeds


Sound System Installation Leeds – We were contracted to carry out a new sound system installation within Roundhay Hall as the existing 100 volt line speaker system was no longer working and they needed a new working sound system for their events and sermons.

We opted to install four Electrovoice ZX1 Black wall mounted Speakers, QSC Amplifier, Cloud Single Zone Mixer along with an Allen & Heath ZED18 PA Mixer, Audio Technica Handheld & Over Ear radio mic systems which are housed in a swan flightcase.

Within the hall down either side we have installed the Electrovoice ZX1 speakers in black which gives them adequate coverage throughout the hall.

Within the sound equipment cabinet under the stage we have installed a QSC stereo amplifier, Cloud single zone mixer along with their existing Ampetronic hearing loop amplifier.

Also as part of the audio system installation we were asked to install a surround sound system for the cinema group that occasionally show films so we incorporated the sound system we had installed along with two additional Electrovoice ZX1 speakers installed on the back wall as rear surround speakers and a single Electrovoice ZX1 which is placed on stage as the centre speaker.

In the equipment cabinet at the back of the room we have installed all the amplifiers along with a AV receiver which we are using just as a pre-amp so that we can separate the audio for each speaker giving them a surround sound system for their film nights.


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