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Life Sciences CV Writing Tips        

Start with a summary — hiring managers have literally hundreds of CVs piled sky-high on their desk. You will make their life easier by providing a short, impactful summary to grab their attention. Just add bullet points to list success, qualifications and experience.   


Proofread —if you have already proofread your work 40 times, go ahead and get two more critical examinations just for good measure. Then, have someone else have a look at it, if you are working with a recruiter, they would make the best option. You will want to present yourself well by demonstrating your attention to detail.  


Keep formatting simple — a creative CV that stands out from the crowd is tough to craft and there are many risks. Using multiple fonts and text sizes as well as the use of CAPITAL LETTERS can grab attention for sure. But unless it is done right, it can grab attention for all the wrong reasons.  


Stick to two pages — you may be tempted to get into grave detail in your CV to prove what a top-notch professional you truly are. But, hiring managers are not looking for an essay on your qualifications, especially when they have a pile of other CVs to read. Getting directly to the quantifiable figures and statistics is the best way to impress the hiring manager.  


Promote yourself —this is the moment to let your hiring managers know what a cutting-edge individual they have the pleasure of considering. While you want to avoid arrogance and exaggeration, it is imperative that you showcase your skills and qualifications in the best possible light.  


Ask a recruiter — getting a second opinion is essential to understanding how your CV will be received. Recruiters can do an especially good job at providing insights to your CV and how it can be optimized for the best possible effect. Furthermore, after they have improved your CV they can make sure that your CV makes its way to the right hiring managers.   


Target your CV — while it is important to list all your work experience, it is very important that your CV is tailored to the job you are applying for. Including the fact that you used to work at a flower shop is not bad, but it may not be relevant to the job you are trying to get. Also tryand show you are up to date with the latest trends suggest Quanta


Get your CV seen — The CV is your first contact with the recruiters who will be hiring you so it is essential that it gets out there. The best way to make sure your CV gets on the desks of the right hiring managers is to have them shared and disseminated by experienced specialist recruiters.


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