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Can blogging be a useful marketing tool?


Blogging has come a long way in the last few years. Previously used as a way for individuals to pen their thoughts or share their travels, it's now a very popular and powerful way for businesses to promote and market themselves online.

As part of a wider digital marketing plan, regular blogs on your company website can not only position your company and staff as leaders and experts within a particular area, but can also help to build and maintain trust in your business and engagement with your audience. According to statistics, blogging has been found to be the single most important inbound marketing activity a business should put their efforts into, especially when combined with social media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Search engines such as Google in particular like organic content and websites that have new content on a regular basis, which is where your blogging and SEO comes in to play. Ensuring that you post blogs regularly allows search engines to see that your website is active and up to date and therefore relevant to those searching. Outdated and old web information isn't picked up as easily. In essence, the more fresh content you post, the more pages you’ll have for search engines to index and pick up, which draws more potential customers to your site. 

Search engines now also pick up social media posts, so by linking your blogs to your social media channels you're being given another opportunity for potential customers to seek you out. It's even better for your SEO if your social media followers share, retweet or re-post your blogs. Including images and links to other high-quality content in your blog can also improve your indexing in search engines, so make sure to include plenty of these in your digital efforts, rather than just words. 

All in all, blogging can be a very powerful tool for both small businesses and larger companies, and should be a considered element in your wider digital marketing planning.

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