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AI ChatGPT Event


The biggest mistake that business owners will make this year is thinking that AI doesn’t apply to them. Don’t be that person! No industry or sector will escape its clutches – and that’s good news for those smart enough to get involved and exploit it.

Nigel Botterill, the man behind the Entrepreneurs Circle, is holding a 1 day ground-breaking LIVE event where he will teach you everything you need to know to exploit AI in your #business. Open to members AND non-members!

Sunday 14th May 2023 - find out more here:

For instance, you’ll discover:

• The critical skill every business owner must cultivate in the age of AI (without this, you’ll waste months ‘polishing turds’ and optimising for the wrong things).

• How ChatGPT is changing #marketing and #copywriting, forever – and three preemptive moves you MUST make THIS YEAR to not get left behind.

• How to outline, draft, and write ad and landing page variants in minutes (instead of days or weeks).

• What you should NEVER ask or expect from ChatGPT… not now, nor any time in the immediate future.

• How to leverage AI for scalable #results in your marketing.

• And a lot, lot, more… Success with AI is about knowing HOW TO USE IT – not how it works!

So take a look at how the event will run (both in person and livestream) and reserve your seat now! Follow this link:


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