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If sales are eluding you then apply these simple steps to increase your sales and profits. Relying on one time sales is the biggest cost for most businesses; usually profits come from the lifetime value of your customers. Simply, your business success relies on customers making multiple purchases.

Step #1 – Upsell
Simple and effective way to increase your profits…

…sell more, per customer.

Amazingly people purchase on average 3-5 items they weren’t even thinking about so whether you sell products or services, online/offline or combination, this impulse purchasing can really benefit your business, consider…

• Product positioning
• Complementary products/services
• Product/service bundling discount
• Relationship selling…shifts the focus to the ongoing relationship rather than just the immediate sale
• Serve like dinner depends on it! Create the wow, and customers return.

Step #2 – Follow Up
You may have heard it said…

It takes more effort to sell to new customers than it does to existing ones

Customer follow ups create sustainable profits, 3 reasons this doesn’t happen…

• Fear of rejection
Can create paralysis from picking up the phone or sending an email. Conquer your fear… embrace the word ‘no’ and move on – it’s not personal!

• Procrastination
Set yourself 1 power hour a day and be outcome focused of what you want to achieve, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

• Attitude
Never assume customers will return unless there’s a significant benefit to them. Add value and keep in front of your customers to incentivise them to return, including:

• Newsletter
• Follow up phone call/email
• Blog
• Vlog  (short videos)
• Product/service announcements, offers, etc

Don’t make it easy for your competition. Recognise more customers say no than yes, but yes means profit to your business and perseverance is golden!

Annette Du Bois
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