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Lingo Solutions Ltd offers a range of IT related services to all sizes and sectors of business, including IT Support, Website Design, EPOS Supply and Support,…

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Eco Technology Show & SMART Business Conference

Complimentary Tickets to The Eco Technology Show, Amex Stadium, Brighton, 15th & 16th June

The Eco Technology Show is a national showcase of the latest technologies which perform a crucial role in protecting the environment and making our daily business and home lives more efficient.

Technology integrates into every facet of modern life from buildings to energy to home to transport and to lifestyle. Utilising eco technology has the additional benefits of minimising waste, saving energy, reducing environmental impact and not to mention saving you money.

The Eco Technology Show is designed to create a space where you can be inspired by new ideas and technologies, grow your business and knowledge, connect with industry experts, learn new practical skills and innovate!

Over 100 exhibitors will form the shows different zones, which include: Eco Build, Design, Business, Energy, Transport, Home, and Lifestyle. Highlighting ways in which businesses, public sector and the general public can achieve a more efficient and sustainable way forward.

At the Eco Technology Show you can:

• Be inspired by new ideas
• Source all the latest products
• Attend free workshops and talks
• Interactive zones, cafes and bars
• Connect with the experts
• Experience new technologies
• Plus lots more

To find out more about the event and register for your Complimentary ticket simply go to the ETS website and enter this code: FF135

Smart Business Conference

Book now and save £50! Early Bird Discount only £99 till the end of April!

Co-located at the Eco Technology Show at the Amex Stadium Brighton on the 15th June 2012, Smart Business is a one day conference for private and public sector leaders.

Showcasing opportunities to create business value in a resource constrained environment, and highlighting how integration of technology into Cities enables sustainability, well-being and economic development.

Providing the context for sustainable growth opportunities and presenting case studies of Smart City and Smart Business initiatives. This will equip you with the ideas, information and contacts to deliver solutions in your own organisations.

We are delighted to be able to confirm the following guest speakers:

Greg Barker MP Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change
Caroline Lucas Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion
Norman Baker MP Under-Secretary of State for Transport on 'economic growth in a resource constrained world?'
Jo Confino Executive Editor of the Guardian and chairman of Guardian Sustainable Business
Jen Hawes-Hewitt Global Manager, Intelligent Cities, Accenture on the Smart opportunity
Ian Abbott-Donnelly European CTO Smarter Cities at IBM on case studies of urban growth
Geoff Raw Strategic Director Place, Brighton & Hove City Council on Inward Investment
Ben Earl Environmental Affairs Manager at B&Q on sustainability boosting your business
David Green, Eco-Island Partnership, IoW on integrating business, community, IT & energy
Colin Calder MD Passiv Systems on The opportunity for innovative software to advance
Kelly Grainger Sustainability Manager Interface Flor on Smart Business: Understanding how selling a service has increased profitability
Mike Herd, Executive Director, Sussex Innovation Centre on funding for innovation and start-ups
Claire Jones, Head of Procurement Strategy, B&HCC on 'competitive edge in public sector procurement'
Abigail Dombey, Energy Manager, University of Brighton on cost saving energy initiative
Daren Howarth, Managing Director, C Level on team building through CO2 reduction
More speakers to be confirmed!

Other sessions featuring:
• Brighton & Hove Inward Investment Prospectus
• Further procurement opportunities for SMEs
• Funding from Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust, Technology Strategy Board
• 'Smart ROI' case studies on large businesses benefitting from sustainable growth

Benefits of attending:
• Be inspired by organisations and Cities that are creating opportunities for sustainable growth.
• Learn about new technologies, business models, partnerships, policy & incentives.
• Connect with peers and fellow thought leaders across the public & private sector to facilitate longer term collaboration.
• Hear ideas to grow your business by reducing waste, saving costs, improving productivity and developing new products & markets.
• Discover innovative technology solutions for Cities plus options to make business more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Leave with ideas to apply to your organisation.• Understand how other Cities are adapting to growing populations and diminishing resources by intelligent application of Information & Communications Technology.

Register now and pay just £99! To save £50 go to

The breakfast !

The First Friday Network, founded in Chichester nine years ago, is a refreshingly different networking group that has successfully grown to 13 meetings and over 1200 online members. We are now taking our winning format to breakfast meetings, the same relaxed, informal, fun atmosphere that naturally leads to business being done! No forced referral generation, no forced ‘60 seconds’, no lock-outs - if you want to do business you will anyway!

The Chichester Group will meet for breakfast every Friday morning at the Chichester Golf Club in Hunston, where we will enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast and as much tea and coffee as you can drink.

There will be some structure to the meetings but it will not be regimented and enforced!
We want you to have as much time as possible to network!

The format will be:
7.30; meet, chat and drink coffee
7.50; sit down and a short introduction by each attendee (if you want to - no obligation)
8.10; breakfast served
8.30; 10 minute presentation* / more networking, chat, coffee and referral passing**
9.00; finish

*This last half an hour can contain a 10 minute presentation by a member - if they want to give one - again this will not be enforced.

**The passing of referrals will not be a regimented affair - if you wish to ask someone to do something for you or to refer them to an associate then you can do this during this time without feeling any pressure. We would rather you passed one lead a year that was ‘live’ than 20 a week just to keep up the numbers! There will be pads on the tables for notes and referrals.

On the last Friday of the month we will hold the “First Friday Open” - an open network breakfast that will be followed by golf for those who wish to take part (from April to September). This will follow the same basic format as the other days but with the introductions running through breakfast because of the time it will take. There will also be a 15 minute presentation/training session after breakfast.

When the meeting is ended the ‘golfers’ will be able to play a round of golf on either the Tower or Cathedral course, or take advantage of an hours golf coaching with Tony Westwood, the Club’s resident golf coach. There will be prizes for the winning teams and an opportunity for further networking on the course!

The costs:
Annual membership £120 (this also gives you Premier Membership on the website worth £30)
Monthly breakfast fee £50 (to be paid by monthly standing order)

First Friday Open:
Breakfast only  £11.50 visitor
Golf: Tower Course  £35 visitor / £30 for Premier Member
Cathedral Course £40 visitor / £35 for Premier Member
Coaching  £18 visitor / £15 for Premier Member : 1 hour (max 6 people)

We will be starting the meetings on Friday 2nd March 2012. If you are interested in attending this event please contact Steve by email - - to register.

The first OPEN with GOLF will be Friday 27th April.

Why not join us? The benefits to your business – and the profits – are very real!

The atmosphere is relaxed, informal, fun and highly condusive to good business.

It’s that Friday feeling!

All costs are subject to VAT.

Research into enterprise and business start-ups

Your help is needed to support the University of Chichester’s research into enterprise and business start-ups. The project is funded by Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership which is committed to the promotion and stimulation of enterprise within the region.  The study will identify the factors which hinder or support sustainable business start-up in your area. The outcome will be a map of business in the whole region, a profile of the type and size of those businesses, and an understanding of ways in which you and other business owners might be encouraged and supported.

They want to hear from you whether you run a business from home, shop, office, or industrial premises. You may be a sole owner or other partners/directors may be involved. All businesses may participate but they particularly want to hear from you if you have been trading for less than 4 years.

If you are willing to take part in this important study, please click here to go to the survey Participants will be advised when and where the results of the research project may be viewed.

Local Networking with Local Businesses

In this age of concern with “carbon footprint” and “localism” what better way to find suppliers and clients than attending networking groups locally?

Business networking is not an opportunity to hard sell though; if you approach networking with the intent to do nothing more than sell to the people in the room, you will almost certainly go away disappointed. Networking is about building longterm contacts and friendships. It is said that up to 70 per cent of business is done by word of mouth referral these days – so attend as many network events as you can!

There are many ways to network, from annual membership and lock-outs to free to attend and drop-ins. Many of the groups are run on a franchise basis and if you are the local organiser it can provide you with great opportunities to market your company to a wide network of local businesses.

You will find that most attendees at these events come from SMEs, however, you should never think that you are only promoting yourself to the person in the room. You never know to whom they are connected – it is very often this third party referral that is the most valuable contact.

To get the most out of your networking try to find events where you feel comfortable; you will be more relaxed and more likely to create positive contacts. If you find yourself standing alone, look for a friendly face or a group of people you can join. Everyone is open to be approached at these events so don’t feel shy.

Find a group to suit your personality and your needs try:,,, There are also several networks targeted at women only such as,,,

This article appeared in the Chichester Chamber newsletter.

Your Chance to Win Three Months of Free Advertising

At The Argus we are participating in a nationwide competition being run by The Newspaper Society throughout the regional press and endorsed by David Cameron and Deborah Meaden from the TV program Dragons Den.

Local Business Accelerators is a groundbreaking national initiative that harnesses the power of local newspapers to give a much needed boost to local economies.  We are asking new businesses between 1 and 3 years old to enter a competition to try and qualify for 3 months free advertising plus a program of dedicated business mentoring.  All the business needs to do is to apply, which can be done via the website below, It only takes a few minutes.

We are trying to get as many local businesses as we can to apply and really appreciate any help that you can give us in relaying this opportunity as far throughout the County as possible.

Deborah Meaden,