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Grow your business in 90 minutes a month

It is believed that around 80% of business is done by word of mouth referrals… so why would you not do this as part of your marketing strategy?

• Discover how you can run your own networking group to attract more clients!

• Discover how to attract networkers and new clients to you… without having to go looking for them!

• Learn how to make sales, without having to do any hard sells or pushy high-pressure tactics.

• Find out the one crucial difference between just being a networker and running your own networking group.

Get your free information book HERE 

First Friday Information booklet

Ten top networking tips

I had another article published in 'The Business Sussex' this month - yeah!

Ten top networking tips - if you would like a copy of them let me know and I'll send you a copy of the mag and my tips sheet.

Anyone around Wolverhampton on Friday 18th can come and say hello at the Business Networking Show - I'm exhibiting there. If you'd like a free ticket let me know (worth £20)


4N Director, Stefan Thomas visiting Chichester

You know I love to network… I've been doing it for more than a decade… and I've been running the First Friday Network across the South Coast for 12 years this March! I know a thing or two about what and what not to do when networking! But I couldn't write a book on it… but my mate Stefan Thomas has!

Come and meet Stefan Thomas, 4N Director and author of Business Networking for Dummies at the Chichester lunchtime First Friday meeting on FRIDAY 6th MARCH from 1pm.

I'm sure he'll have a pile of books to sign for you!



One Minute Matters

Most networking groups include an opportunity for networkers to stand up and make a brief presentation to the rest of the room: it’s a 60-second opportunity to show people who you are and what exactly it is you do. The fist time you do this might seem slightly daunting but at least what you have to say will be news to everyone else in the room. The tricky part is keeping what you have to say relevant, fresh and interesting, particularly when the people you are presenting to have heard it all before.

Once people begin to get to know you and your business; they will want to hear something new about you every time you stand up rather than the same old story. In advance of each presentation, try and plan a new and different theme to avoid repeating and boring your audience. Take time to think of things related to you and your area of business that enlightens your listeners and inspires them to think, then take action.

You could begin by asking them a question or telling them a short and amusing anecdote or incident, then introduce your name and your company clearly. Rather than go into great detail about what you do, focus on the benefits of how your business helps others by solving a problem, for example: saving them valuable time, saving them money, offering resources they lack or expertise they need. Don’t try and cover all of these in one minute flat, instead take one or two of the benefits and illustrate them as effectively as you can in the time you have to make a positive impression.

You can use props and visuals to demonstrate your point, for example bring an item in that can be passed around the group while you speak or show them a visual that highlights an important point. You could use a testimonial from a client to back up a positive claim you make or a staggering (and reliable of course) statistic to add emphasis. Real examples of your work speak volumes and will engage your audience far more than generalisation.

You can be topical and relate recent news to your business and the business of others in the room. This will have wider appeal and relevance than just plain theory and speculation. Give out some free advice if you can on how to achieve something or a solution to a common problem if possible as these tips will add value to the content of your presentation and show you are generous and willing to pass on the benefits of your experience freely.

make your minute count

Become an organiser…

Now is the time for you to start running a First Friday meeting...

Last Friday I spent the day at Wolverhampton Racecourse at the Business Networking Show, with over 500 switched on networkers... all people who realised the impact networking can have on their businesss... and on their bottom line!!

There were some great keynote speakers like Brad Burton from 4N, Dragon Lady herself Rachel Elnaugh, Apprentice Neil Clough, Marketing Guru Dee Blick, the Wisdom Queen Debbie Huxton and Mr Network Dummy himself Stafan Thomas.

If you would like to see what people had to say about the event head over to Twitter and search for @TBNShow or #TBNS2014 - keep an eye out for news of next year!! Also make sure you are following them: @BradBurton @RachelElnaugh @NeilWClough @deeblick @debbie huxton @noredbraces

I have over 20 enquiries from attendees at the show to start groups 'up north' so hopefully we will be a much bigger network by the new year - so now is the time for you to get involved and take advantage of the increased exposure you will gain from being an organiser!! 

It’s easy to procrastinate, to put off, and to dilly dally, but if you still need to win more customers for your business then what’s to be gained from waiting?

What about becoming the best known networker? Or the person of influence in your area? Or getting a huge uplift in referrals? What’s going to change unless you take decisive action to make it happen?


If you’d already decided to get started then you’d already have seen a difference in your growing list of contacts and referrals.

Just like Paul Dallibar from Gordian Solutions Ltd, who was in a position exactly like yours before he decided to start running a group:

“Steve not only recognises the power of business networking, but has created a powerful, enjoyable and very successful model in First Friday. As an active participant, who has benefited from the reputation I have gained as an organiser, I would thoroughly recommend the First Friday Network.”

...and Tony Hedger from A&T Business Associates Limited, who sent us this note recently:

"We have just taken on our second First Friday meeting having grown as a company and wanted our new team member to start to build a company presence in the area. Having run a First Friday event for over 5 years and seen the benefits that it has created in brand awareness and reputation for our company in the local area, we felt it was the only way to quickly build up our company name as someone in a new area that was well connected and a true networker. I would recommend taking on a First Friday meeting if you are keen to grow and develop your business in that location, as networking is the best way to grow your business, and what better way than to be known as the best local networker!"

I'd love to have you as part of the network, so let me ask you…

…are you ready to grow your business?

…do you want to get loads of referrals pouring into your business?

If your answer is yes I want to make taking that next step as easy as possible. 

If you’re worried about the cost, then don’t be, listen to what one of our organisers had to say:

“I am the only person that has had a direct financial cost for attending, which is easily offset by the people who actively target me and the promotion that being the event organiser gives me. I have seen the benefit of running the events in quickly gaining brand awareness in the local business area. It has helped me gain business from companies that would have taken me longer to build relationships with had I not set up the First Friday Networking event. It has also helped my business find clients and I can say that the direct cost of setting up a First Friday event has been recovered many times over!”

... and we've reduced the fee to just £120 a year - yes £10 a month - if you can't get a fantastic ROI from that you're doing something wrong!!!

To get started today, simply email me at 

If you’re still not sure, and you’d like to talk to me personally then call 01243 787100.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Wilson

Stefan Thomas from 4N with his Networking for Dummies book