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Contact: Nass
Address: 7-8 Sterling Buildings, First Floor, Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1DR
T: 01403 331368 | M: 07946284256
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Growth is a big concern for small businesses. It is something that many small business owners find hard to achieve. Putting a detailed business strategy…

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Contact: Gladeana McMahon

Address: Flat 4, Littlecote, 41A Blackwater Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, BN20 7DG.

Tel: 01323643511
Mob: 07711896185
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Twitter: @GladeanaMcMahon

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Executive and Personal Coaching services. Executive Coaching is focused on improving performance at work, increasing self-awareness while developing effective strategies to deal with a range of topics such as communication, confidence, strategic thinking, leadership, emotional intelligence and business development skills. Personal coaching focuses on areas such as increasing confidence, overcoming perfectionism, developing resilience and dealing with stress. I am an unusual coach as I am an experienced coach, psychologist and therapist. Therefore, I am able to offer a broader yet targeted offering to my clients. I have written 20 books of an academic as well as self-help nature both as a therapist and a coach. We work together to ensure you get the very best from your coaching programme. Coaching is a bespoke process and it's my job to ensure I make the coaching programme fit around you and not shoe horn you into my model.