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Why IT managed service beats break fix every time

Why IT managed service beats break fix every time

For the average SME there will inevitably be two things that have an overriding effect upon business performance and operations: the first being expenses and the second being the management (successful or otherwise) of IT systems.

Unfortunately, with all too many such businesses focusing solely upon expenses the choice of the right IT support often falls by the wayside, as SMEs choose a break fix approach to minimise monthly outgoings. So here we present five robust reasons why, when considering IT systems, it pays to plump for managed services over and above break fix – every, single, time.


1. Managed IT services overcomes IT problems before they begin

IT interruptions and issues seem to come along at the very worst of times; from just before that critical meeting with a top client to right in the middle of analysing data. It can truly seem as though IT systems are ran by a mischievous gremlin whose sole purpose in life is to halt business operations at the most crucial of times. And when your business’s IT systems are backed up only by a break fix approach your systems will never have the continual focus they need in order to run interrupted, problem free and meet the needs of today’s operating pressures (let alone tomorrow’s).

Time for a tantrum: It’s the first Monday of the month. Time for that all-important meeting. And (of course) the systems are down.


2. Break Fix costs you in many more ways than one

Think that you’re making a saving by not paying a monthly managed services fee? You may need to think again – the soft costs that are associated with break fix IT management can make for expenses that fall under the radar. From your core sales people who double up as IT support, to the potential loss of business and good will through failing customer facing IT systems. This is then, of course, capped off with the wait times for an engineer to call or visit. It’s then clear to see that opting for a break fix approach can provide for a world of costs that aren’t considering or compared when managed services are considered in the misleading light of a set outgoing.

Multi-tasking: The impossible art form of being top sales/customer service/admin guy or girl, whilst also being the go-to IT support person

3. Break fix can provide for some serious expenses

Managed IT services present not only a reliable option when it comes to IT support, but also a steadfast cost that is predictable month after month. On the other hand break fix presents a wholly unpredictable option where bills can put a serious dent within any one month’s bottom line - and as such services are charged per hour you can be left facing both soft costs as well as cold, hard intimidating costs that rack up hour upon hour.

Money + Drain: A visual representation of paying every, single, time your IT system goes down

4. Managed Services go beyond troubleshooting and onto stabilising and optimising your IT systems

For the break fix engineer there is no incentive, nor any requirement, for network management nor improvements. They are tasked with fixing the immediate issue then and there. And if you face the same issue again (which you inevitably will unless the core problem is tackled) you face double, triple or even repeated bills for the same problem month after month.

On the other hand managed services provide for a service that has a sole goal of stabilising, optimising and comprehensively managing the system.


5. Managed services provide for solid peace of mind

As a break fix customer you have very little, if any, guarantee of the issue not occurring again, nor any real promise of response times. This compares to the solid Service Level Agreements that are set out by reputable IT companies for their managed services. And in a corporate world that spins faster than ever, with more people and processes undoubtedly reliant upon your IT systems, this can be more important than ever before.

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