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A successful business needs to excel and add value in every aspect of its operations. It sounds simple enough, but in today’s competitive market, it…

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An Invitation: What are you doing about Workplace Pensions and Auto enrolment?

It is a reasonable question....

Time is rolling on. It is not something that can be avoided or put off.

But far too many businesses are doing just. Crossing their fingers ad hoping.

And many others are walking into expensive ways of achieving something that HAS to be done rather than something they WANT to do.

This is an opportunity to cut through all of the “Smoke and Mirrors” that surrounds Workplace Pensions and Auto enrolment – get a clear and concise update on what it is – what you need to do – and how to achieve it with the least direct cost to your business.

I would like to invite you to join me and colleagues at ;

Nanny Ilott’s Kitchen - 90 Brighton Road – Worthing - BN11 2EN

On Wednesday 2nd December  at 5.30pm

for some light refreshment and 45 minutes of enlightenment at this free seminar…..  :-)

I look forward to seeing you there

Tony Kershaw

Workplace Pensions - Where are you going to turn?

You will know by now that one of my passions is Auto Enrolment - the Government’s Workplace Pensions programme
It is an unregulated market - which means that there is a lot of ambiguous information out there.
On Tuesday I received an email.
From an Out Sourced HR Support business
They are now offering an Auto enrolment Solution
No up-front payment - which is good news
Administration fees? Yes
Starts at £30 per month for a business with 1-4 employees
So - for example - a business with 2 employees who are both earning 18,000 pa
The company will be paying 1% in contribution in the first year = £360
And the fee to manage the adminisitration of that is ..... £360
Paying a total of £720 to invest £360?? Who will be attracted by that?
Quite a few - potentially - as there is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there.
If that hypothetical business knew that for £200 per year plus vat they were able to
Have Auto Enrolment with no additional up front payment or admin fees
AND Inland Revenue inspection protection including PAYE, VAT Personal and Company tax
AND Legal Protection for Employment, Health & Safety, Criminal Prosecution+++
AND other member benefits that virtually guarantees the ability to recoup your membership costs++

What would you do in their place??

I am looking for people like you???

What am I looking for?

Full time professional sales agents.  Wanted for one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.K. Generous monthly commission . No retention. Ongoing renewal bonus and additional earning potential.

Local area of work. Own allocated area. Retained clients . Full training given and ongoing support. Join a friendly, enthusiastic hard working team of professionals.

For further details RING 01243 210387 or 07734 387841 OR email

I was at Let’s Do Business in Brighton last Thursday…

You know that Auto Enrolment pensions are a passion of mine? I went to the LDB Brighton exhibition last Thursday - great event - well organised - I would recommend a visit. There were 4 companies extolling their virtues as providers of Auto Enrol solutions. The lowest cost was £500 plus £35 per month for Admin. The highest was over double that.

Makes £250* a year all inclusive with Business First seem very fair? And that includes so much more, too. Legal and Accounting helplines and Protection to back it up.

What are YOU going to be doing about Auto Enrolment?

* Plus vat for a Business with 10 staff or less

Auto Enrolment - Unplugged…!

Small Businesses - who are now obliged to offer Workplace Pensions -  are being asked to pay a Set-Up fee of up to £1000 – followed by an ongoing Management/Admin charges of around £30 per month for the life of the pension fund. That could run into £1000’s of pounds of cost to employers’ before a single penny of Contribution has been made into the scheme.

Business First Networks members receive this service as part of their membership. They are guaranteed acceptance in to the Pension Scheme. No Set-Up fee. No Admin charges for running the scheme. And amongst the lowest Investment Management fees on the money you put in.

This is not a “Special Offer” – we just put our Members Businesses First

I will be at First Friday in Littlehampton tomorrow if you would like to learn more.

Tony Kershaw BFN West Sussex    
07734 387841 or 01243 210387

What you need to know about Auto-Enrolment… because like it or not, it’s coming..!

Auto Enrolment is coming, and almost every business that employs people is going to have to do something about it - or pay the price - which starts off with a fine of £400.

The Government will penalize you for NOT doing what you are supposed to do, but aren’t very good at helping you to make the right choices.

There are businesses and Sole traders who have found a way of making sure they are compliant, but without it impacting on their business anywhere near as painfully as it could.

They have access to a resource that reduces the cost and admin implications of Auto Enrolment and keeps them on schedule and compliant - without additional cost.

For more information call Tony Kershaw on 01243 210387