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Fear of failure

Most people have two fears when they are selling: the fear of failure and the fear of rejection.

Let’s take the fear of rejection first.

If your prospect says ‘no’ to your offer one of two things has happened:

1. You have not sold the product or service such that the prospect sees clearly their outcomes from buying.

2. Your prospect doesn’t need or want your product or service
In the first example you need to look at how you were selling and in the second you need to look at how you were qualifying the prospect.

The brutal reality, though, is that rejection is part of selling. Every sales person that I know faces rejection, many on a daily basis and there is an understanding in professional selling that goes like this:

“Some will. Some won’t. So what? Next!”

Fear of failure is something else.

Firstly you need to assess what you believe to be ‘failure’ and in the eyes of whom.

> Is losing a sale to a prospect that was incorrectly qualified a failure?
> Is getting trumped on price by an aggressive competitor a failure?
> Is simply not reaching quota a failure?

All are very different.

Fear of failure can, and does, lead to ultimate failure to win business. In the first instance the fear can actually stop us from facing the challenge in the first place… putting ‘obstacles’ in the way such as calling when we know they will not be available, calling and leaving a voicemail for them to ‘get back to you’ or simply procrastinating over contacting them until the order has gone elsewhere. I have seen all of these done many, many times.

It is not through laziness in most cases it is a fear of facing the customer through a fear of failure.

If we do make the appointment the fear of failure can also lead us to jabber-on endlessly in the meeting, fearing the silence, making unnecessary observations about the product of the weather etc. Remember:

“The sale takes place with the words, but the buying takes place in the silence.”

It is essential that before going into any sales situation that we reinforce our own confidence in ourselves. Remember that the prospect has agreed to see us so we have something that interests them, something that they may be willing to buy for the outcomes it will provide. Control the nerves, remind ourselves that we do have something to offer and we do know how to sell it.

Keep a check on the nerves by buying time and how do we buy time? Simple. Ask a question! the person that asks the question is in control and if we are in control what do we have to fear?

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Hiding our light under a Bushell

It is a given that everyone of us knows how to sell, it is part of our development as infants; how we gain attention, compete for food and nurture when defenseless, yet most of us forget. Once we have the ability to get our own food, care for our own needs we then adopt a non-compete mode in order to fit into society’s ‘norm’.

It is also a given that every business has to sell, whether it is a commercial B2B sale, a consultative sale, a professional service or retail… Selling is critical.

We need to rediscover what it was that made us ‘successful’ (in the main we were nurtured and thrived) and apply this to promoting our business.

Watch a child trying to get a parent to buy a toy/sweets/game/clothes. Observe the way they do this… You will learn much. smile