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Mentoring opportunities with Enterprise First

Enterprise First is well respected for successfully matching mentors to mentees and has been successfully supporting and advising new and established businesses for over 20 years. 

With a database of high-calibre mentors, Enterprise First  firmly believe that those starting out in a new businesses or developing an existing business will succeed more easily with established guidance and support.

Having a mentor is one of the best business decisions that you could make, having someone on hand to offer you guidance, help you determine your goals, understand and identify solutions to problems and realise your potential with your business idea is more likely to give you the winning edge.


Mentoring is a commitment to your business; it’s a unique relationship that helps participants plan for their future. A mentoring relationship can focus on the immediate problems in your business or the long term aims; mentors can use their personal insights you help you find the right solution to move forwards as long as you are ready and willing to work hard with your mentor, and to challenge yourself and develop.


Bob Jones, of Bob Jones & Co commented “I was interested in the Enterprise First mentoring scheme after chatting to a friend about it.  I needed to progress my business and realised that having a mentor would be an excellent way to move forwards.  Two years on and my business is flourishing and I haven’t looked back”.

Enterprise First select mentors who are inspirational and high qualified and are willing to invest their time in the entrepreneurs of the future to genuinely support our thriving business economy.   Making careful selections and skilfully matching mentors and mentees will ensure that the advice and support given will deliver the largest impact and ensure the most impressive return on everyone’s time.

For more advice on Mentoring opportunities with Enterprise First, contact,

FREE Start Up Pack

Enterprise First are pleased to have put together a FREE start-up pack for those who are looking to start a business.


The pack contains key information including top tips for starting a business and local contacts, along with templates for compiling a business plan, personal survival budget, cash flow and profit & loss forecast.


To receive your copy please email to or call us on 0800 652 6254

Simple Stuff that Works - FREE Financial Workshop

Wednesday 25th November

AM or PM session

To register please click to:

Are you running your own business or just starting out?
Do you need advice on financial issues, expenses or tax?
Would you like to learn about the basic books and records you need to keep for HMRC ?
If yes then join us for our FREE Financial Workshop, led by Andy Penfold of PKB Accountants, and improve your understanding about the financial minefield of running your business.
Our Enterprise First Business Advisers will also be on hand to give valuable advice on all aspects of running or setting up your business.
Andy Penfold of PKB Accountants works with SME’s to help them set, realise and relish the achievement of their goals. As Chartered, Certified Accountants, Auditors and Advisors PKB work with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from fledgling businesses to multinational organisations, and everything in-between.


So you’ve got a great business idea but are not sure what to do next?


The Start & Grow programme provides a range of pre and post start support to individuals who have aspirations to start a business and the capability to make the business a success. This new programme is available to those looking to start a business, that will require start-up funding to get it off the ground and expects to employ people from its early stages.


The support provided through Start & Grow is tailored to the individual needs of the owner and the business idea, but will include one to one support and advice, workshops and training, mentoring and help finding funding.


Enterprise First is delivering this programme in areas of Portsmouth, Southampton and the IOW.


Clients will receive a tailored package of support that could include:


One-to-one assessment with an experienced, independent business adviser who will review your business ideas and formulate the next steps


An intensive personalised support programme, including guidance, advice and peer learning, leading to the development of a robust business plan


Dedicated support in an application for external funding


Ongoing support for 3 years after business start-up


– The main trading address or home address of one of the owner falls within an approved area
– The business owner/owners will be fully engaged in the business
– The business owner/owners expect to be trading three years after the business begins trading
– The business will create at least one additional job
– The business is expected to benefit from investment – either personal equity or a loan/grant


In a nutshell we are a looking for robust enterprises with real ambitions for growth and sustainability and that are going to employ staff!


Is this you? Is your business ready to Start and Grow?



Changes to Growth Vouchers opens further eligibility

Lord Young has announced changes to the Growth Vouchers scheme that will mean more businesses will be eligible for this funding opportunity.

Due to the popular nature of the programme, Growth Vouchers will now be available to any business that is actively trading, has fewer than 250 employees, is based in England and has a turnover of less than €50m.

This means that businesses that previously could not apply may now be eligible.

This fantastic development means that more businesses will now have access to £2,000 match funding available to finance strategic business advice and reap the benefits that this brings. *More than 240,000 businesses in England use external advice and 94% of those using advice have seen benefits.

The five advice areas remain the same; finance and cash flow, recruiting and developing staff, improving leadership and management skills, marketing, attracting and keeping customers and making the most of digital technology.

The initiative will continue to be promoted through networking events, via social media and now via national press and radio too.

Growth Vouchers are part of a Random Control Trial research initiative being run by Government until at least March 2015. The first research initiative of this scope to be run in the UK, the project will inform future Government policies to ensure funding is targeted to achieve business growth. Enterprise First is proud to be delivering this scheme which places advice choice in the hands of business.

To apply for Growth Vouchers visit

For more information visit

Or contact

Growth Vouchers Business Support Clinic - drop in session

Growth Voucher Business Support Clinic

Have you heard about Growth Voucher Government funding and are interested to find out more?

Are you a current local Growth Voucher Advisor who would like to attract more clients?

If you’re looking to invest in your business, Growth Vouchers can offer you up to £2k in match funding towards strategic advice in one of the following five areas: Raising Finance and managing cash flow, Marketing, Digital technology, Leadership & Management or Recruiting and Developing staff.

If you are interested in finding out about how to apply for a Growth Voucher, and chatting to our independent business advisors, or if you are a Growth Voucher Adviser on Marketplace and would like to discuss the initiative in more detail and pick up marketing literature, then please come along to our Growth Vouchers Business Support Clinic.

It’s being held on Monday 11th August 2014 From 1pm until 4pm, in the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce room at Worthing Town Hall. No need to book, just come along!

For more information please contact

Local South East business supported by Growth Vouchers

 Clinic puts best foot forward to boost business potential

A strong and niche client base has helped a south east chiropody clinic flourish.

Martin and Angela Parry purchased their chiropody clinic in Rye, Sussex just over five years ago after working in the NHS for several years.  Both had podiatric medicine degrees and wanted to start their own clinic.

They have gradually developed the business into two fully integrated podiatry clinics and specialize in the assessment , diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb injuries.

Martin comes from a Royal Navy and Marines triathlon background which helped to cement his interest in sports and musculoskeletal injuries and has allowed them to develop a niche market.  The clinic receives a number of referrals from the Navy as well as those from orthopaedic and podiatric surgeons, physiotherapists and GP’s.

They have recently been overseeing the treatment and rehabilitation of four young gymnasts who are currently competing in the European Championships.

The clinics have been doing really well but both Martin and Angie are ambitious and felt they could do with strategic advice and guidance on how to grow it further, particularly regarding financial matters.

Martin says: “We both felt the business could be improved if we increased our knowledge of the financial side of things.  Our expertise concerns skeletal injuries, we are not accountants! We hoped that meeting a financial adviser would allow us to understand, develop and increase our knowledge of the financial side of the business. A greater awareness of our costs, future forecasts and projections would mean we can improve and hopefully grow the business furthers.”

Growth Vouchers, a research programme pioneered by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills offer the chance for some qualifying businesses to access up to £2k in match funding to spend on strategic advice.

Martin was pleasantly surprised by how quick the application process was: “The application process was brilliant.  The online form is very easy to complete and we did not have to wait long to find out if we received a voucher.”

Martin feels it has helped the business enormously and is considering working with other small businesses to further improve prospects.

Martin says: “Both Angie and myself have been really pleased with the whole Growth Voucher programme.  The support we have received from both the supplier and the diagnostic meeting we had with the Cavendish Consortium business adviser has been excellent.  It has allowed us to gain a far greater understanding of the financial side of the business.  We both feel far more confident in making financial decisions and for future forecasting too.”

Martin and Angie are an ambitious pair with a strong work ethic, they have plans to open another clinic in the near future.

To apply for a voucher please click:

About Enterprise First:

Enterprise First was established in 1981 and has been providing impartial advice, information and support to start-ups, new and existing businesses ever since.  We offer a range of free support including confidential advice sessions with our experienced business mentors, practical workshops on marketing and finance as well as a useful library of documents on our website and links to other useful organisations. A member of the Cavendish Consortium we are also delivery partners for the following national programmes: Ready for Business, Virgin Start Up Loans and Growth Vouchers.  Based in Aldershot, we cover the South East region.

About Cavendish Consortium:

The Cavendish Consortium is a group made up of six of the largest enterprise agencies across England, together with the National Enterprise Network. Its members are amongst the most prominent not-for-profit social enterprises in the country, each with over 30 years’ experience.

They are longstanding members of the business support community and are respected for their independent and impartial advice and their impeccable probity. The Cavendish Consortium has a reputation for working in close partnership with a variety of organisations from the private, public and third sectors to achieve excellent results in business enterprise.

For more information please contact

Growth Vouchers ... helping SME’s access strategic advice.  May 2014

Growth Vouchers ... helping SME’s access strategic advice.

May 2014

The Growth Vouchers scheme is set to help SME’s access strategic advice to grow their businesses and offers up to £2000 match funding along with a free initial business consultation.

The scheme is a pioneering initiative by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills to discover the kind of advice businesses need, and give them the opportunity to obtain this expert advice to accelerate their growth.

The application process is simple and is made online at:

Once an application has been made a local Business Advisors will arrange a completely free diagnostic consultation with you to discuss your business and your growth plans, which will help define the actions and advice needed to reach your business potential.

Your business could be eligible if

It’s based in England
It has fewer than 50 employees
It has not paid for strategic advice in the past 3 years
Has traded for at least a year.

Vouchers worth up to £2,000 will then be allocated on a lottery basis for those who sign up for the programme to help them pay for strategic private sector advice in the following areas:


Raising finance and managing cash flow
Marketing, attracting and keeping customers
Making the most of digital technology
Improving leadership and management skills
Recruiting and developing your staff


Following a successful award applicants then contact the Enterprise Nation Marketplace,   Enterprise Nation Marketplace allows users to search for an approved,  accredited supplier who can provide strategic advice in one of the five areas.


The Growth Voucher programme is a pioneering government research project run by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Behavioural Insights Team at the Cabinet Office and is run as a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT). It aims to test how external advice can help small businesses overcome barriers to growth and examine what role Government should play in this space.


All businesses taking part in the programme will be participating in the largest business research project ever initiated by government. It will produce real comprehensive evidence on which future policy will be built, as well as benefitting the businesses involved.

Enterprise First, was established in 1981 and has been providing impartial advice, information and support to start-ups, as well as new and existing businesses ever since.  We offer a range of free support including confidential advice sessions with our experienced business advisers, practical workshops on marketing and finance as well as a useful library of documents on our website and links to other useful organisations.

As a member of the Cavendish Consortium,  we are also delivery partners for the following national programmes: Ready for Business, Virgin Start Up Loans and Growth Vouchers.  Based in Aldershot, we cover the South East region.

For more information please contact Sheryl Tipton at
Tel:   0800  652 6254 - Web: