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You will know by now that one of my passions is Auto Enrolment - the Government’s Workplace Pensions programme
It is an unregulated market - which means that there is a lot of ambiguous information out there.
On Tuesday I received an email.
From an Out Sourced HR Support business
They are now offering an Auto enrolment Solution
No up-front payment - which is good news
Administration fees? Yes
Starts at £30 per month for a business with 1-4 employees
So - for example - a business with 2 employees who are both earning 18,000 pa
The company will be paying 1% in contribution in the first year = £360
And the fee to manage the adminisitration of that is ..... £360
Paying a total of £720 to invest £360?? Who will be attracted by that?
Quite a few - potentially - as there is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there.
If that hypothetical business knew that for £200 per year plus vat they were able to
Have Auto Enrolment with no additional up front payment or admin fees
AND Inland Revenue inspection protection including PAYE, VAT Personal and Company tax
AND Legal Protection for Employment, Health & Safety, Criminal Prosecution+++
AND other member benefits that virtually guarantees the ability to recoup your membership costs++

What would you do in their place??

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