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What happened…when did travel become so boring? Why did it suddenly become so run of the mill? Going to book a holiday these days is so bland that we’re not surprised that the EU system of the same sized Banana’s and Apples seems to be casting a shadow over this once glamorous industry!

Holidays on the web are lined up like choices on the shelves at the major supermarkets, which are not doing too well at the moment (just in case you’d missed this).

It wasn’t always like this though, there were days when I remember telling of journeys abroad, travelling through the desert in a clapped out minibus and a crazy driver. And it was these experiences which made my stories the stuff of legends…Has the rise of low cost airlines put paid to all that excitement and got rid of all those mind pictures created in the persons head your telling them too?

Actually, it all comes to down to our mind-set as consumers, as these days its all about ease of booking, easy to use websites and easy(jet) and Bryanair. We’ve lost that part of the thrill of booking the summer holiday and with the advent of all this technology, yep, the fun has gone out of it some what. I remember sage words from my dad when he was alive….“Patience…part of the fun is getting there” and in my youth I’ll be the first to admit that my response was…“yep dad, but it should be easier”.

However, the point my dear dad was making is that it shouldn’t be easy, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve overheard people talking about going to Marrakech (A truly remarkable place) only to see that it was presented by the speaker as being..“Yeah booked it, went, came back” as if it was like going out to do the weekly shop.

It didn’t mean anything and with not even a flicker of acknowledgment on the listeners behalf….I find this sad.

However, when you think about it, it’s vital to keep that adage of knowing that going on a journey be it, looking for a holiday or travelling physically to a destination should be fun. We should all have to overcome at least a few pitfalls to get the exact thing we want. Otherwise we stop exposing ourselves to the other many times have we dismissed a destination because the travel website was designed to make YOU buy quickly and stop YOU from finding out what the other possibilities are?...

Don’t be fooled, there are millions spent in this industry and thousands employed to make you book the first holiday you see, because that’s all they want you to. That’s the psychology…and its wrong.

Yep..the web is great for buying a one off purchase but it does stop us growing due to it being too simple, too easy to buy and with a hell of a lot of psychology from web designers to make you settle for something that really, if we are honest with each other, keeps our horizons actually quite narrow and our expectations low…“Ah well, it was terrible holiday, good job it was easy to book and cheap to buy” Arrgggh!

I’ve lost count of the things that were too easy to get and never picked up or gave a second thought to ever again. But the things I had to take time over, the things I had to plan and work at, I cherish.

I don’t know about you, but when I book a holiday or enter an airport, I want to feel like Leo Dicaprio in “Catch me if you can”...I want some sexiness back, I want that shudder of excitement you get on the way to checkin and most of all I want to REALLY tell some great and funny stories about my trip away…The sights, the sounds and the smells and not just have it all dismissed because others with narrow horizons booking basic holidays on the web just don’t quite grasp what they should be getting.

Booking a holiday should be a journey. It should have some ups and downs.. yes, right from making that first phone call, right from the point you decide that that’s what you are going to do. There should be an element of will we pull it off and succeed?

Starting to plan your holiday IS to go on holiday and this means your trip away doesn’t just last one or two weeks…It started 7-8 weeks previously.

So lastly, thanks for reading and I hope it helped make your commute home that bit more thought provoking about how you’ll be planning your next HOLIDAY.

The Secret Travel Agent

...and Happily, if you want me to organise you a holiday, that’s exciting, with some great stories to tell…Catch me if you can and if not? Then there’s always Bryanair.

You can contact me directly through the first Friday network meetings or just send us a message about what you would like for you holiday.

If you’d like to take me through it verbally with a personal consultation, you can call me on 01273 978321 and email me at