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What to Look for in Your House Cleaner


There are so many reasons why people find themselves wishing they could hire house cleaners Liverpool or elsewhere. Sometimes it is able giving yourself more time, sometimes about just not wanting to do the tougher jobs, and sometimes you might not know how to go about certain cleaning tasks like lifting stains, polishing floors, cleaning ovens or even doing the ironing. If you have not yet taken the step to find a cleaning Liverpool based service, or a service wherever you are because you think it is just for the wealthy then think again. There are many ways to bring in some help in a way that you can afford to lift the load.

Finding the best domestic cleaner

There are a number of places to look for a cleaner and there two types really. You can find a company who has cleaners working for them and they have vetted and done all the paperwork already for you. You just tell the company what you are looking for and when and they will send someone to you. If you are not happy with them, you can ask the company for another. Pay is taken care of by the company too, you just pay the company's invoice when it comes in. Then there are cleaners who are self-employed. You get to have a closer approach with the hiring, guiding and paying process. If you are not happy for whether reason you have to tell them you no longer require their services and then go through the hiring process again.

Probably the fastest way to find cleaning Liverpool based services is online. In the search engine enter your keywords for example house cleaners Liverpool, then you get several pages of options to consider. Other options are to look in local phone books and papers and to also check out places like noticeboards in libraries and waiting rooms where people pin up advertisements offering their service.

What to talk about with potential cleaners

During the meeting or interview process with the prospective cleaners, there are a few topics you should discuss and some things to check. These include;

• Show them around the home and ask them how long it would take to clean. Also, mention specific chores you want doing and ask about how long they would take. This way you can accurately judge how much time they need.
• Ask about what equipment they bring with them, if there is anything they would expect you to supply if you are okay with chemicals or prefer greener options, and any allergies people in the home might have so that they know there are certain things they need to avoid or not use.
• Talk about hourly rates and when you want them coming in. Ask about possible package deals.
• Check their documentation, references, identification and so on. Make sure they have things like insurance for example.


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