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What Services Does a Notary Public Offer


A notary is an official in the UK that legalizes and authenticates documents. They are also called a notary public, many are solicitors but not quite all. Not all solicitors though are a notary though they can perform mostly the same role. Most commonly people need to use a notary in Central London or elsewhere in the UK when they need documents for abroad including a passport for example. 

The seal and signature of a notary are recognized and accepted by authorities all around the world. They let them know that the important checks needed have been done. It is essential that a notary public is independent, adheres strictly to the rules and laws and act in a professional manner at all times.

Services a Notary Public offers

You can find them all over the UK though due to its heavy population the most notary public London based are the densest. Each country has different laws about what a person needs coming to them either for business or pleasure purposes. There are also documents needed for things like buying property abroad or getting married abroad and so on. A person will bring the necessary documents for proof of identity and so on and sign, then seal them to make them official. Common reasons to see a notary Central London are:

• When buying, transferring or selling property in another country
• Getting a copy of your passport certified
• Getting copies of documents like examination certificates certified
• Swearing an affidavit, oath or making a statutory declaration
• Having your single status confirmed officially so that you can marry abroad
• To get duplicates of lost important documents like a passport
• When dealing with domain names, and patents
• Getting a contract authenticated
• Get an Apostle or other documents a country may require
• Create PoA abroad

Important to bring the right identification

All Notaries will require the same identification and they have been legally required to hold the evidence in their files of all clients since a new law in 2007. To confirm identity they will not verify a signature or put their seal on anything if they have not seen one of the original options:

• Armed Forces Pass with signature and photo
• Passport
• Government issued ID with signature and photo
• Benefits book or original letter
• Driving license with photo
• National identity card
• Residence permit

Then you also have a proof of address with you in the form of an original document such as;
• Housing Association rent card or Tenancy agreement
• Letter from your bank or bank statement
• Council tax bill
• Utility bill but mobile phone bills are not accepted
• Inland revenue self-assessment statement or tax demand

The documents differ slightly for corporate clients, but you can look online for notary public London for example and you can find ones near you, check their sites and see what their details are. For fees charged some have a guide online while you can call others. It does vary so if budget is a concern take the time to get a few quotes first.


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