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Water Fountains for Positive Feng Shui in the Workplace


Water fountains are one of the most popular types of Feng Shui items and are available in wall-mounted, table top, free-standing, and other types of water features. Actually, almost any type of water feature may be used to provide Feng Shui benefits in the workplace. Water's powerful energy is introduced by fountains, which is a Feng Shui symbol of prosperity and wealth – ideal for the office.

Features may be placed outside or inside of a workplace, an office, or house take a look at more indoor water fountain information. Carefully choose where you place your Feng Shui fountain to prevent conflict or imbalance as well as offer the most nourishing energy. 

Feng Shui Fountain Benefits 

The reason why fountains are so popular in Feng Shui is because they add the water element's energy, which one of the five elements of Feng Shui. The other elements are metal, wood, earth, and fire. 

Water provides prosperity and wealth in Feng Shui. The power of water is enhanced by it being able to change its form - from liquid to a solid and then a gas. Water has freedom of expression or movement. All living things on earth rely on water to live. When the water element is activated in your office or house, you can nourish the chi energy, promote abundance, encourage new beginnings, and enhance your life's journey.

Selecting a Feng Shui Fountain 

In order to use a fountain as a type of Feng Shui cure. Your fountain doesn't need to necessarily look Asian or Chinese. In fact, no Feng Shui cures that to have an Asian design in order to provide you with great Feng Shui energy. The best situation is when your fountain works in harmony with the decorating style of your home.  

Fountains may be made out of almost any kind of material, including concrete, plastic, ceramic, wood, stone and metal. Choose a high-quality fountain that features a design that is easy to keep it clean and comes with a silent motor. Avoid fountains that have sharp corners or edges. You will need to top off small fountains holding under a gallon of water every day or even more frequently. Fountains that have a bigger basin will not have to be refilled as often.

An effective way of strengthening the sheng chi, or beneficial energy, of the fountain, is to put some Feng Shui stones or crystals in the basin of the fountain. There are also fountains that will disperse essential oils out into the air.    

Where Should Your Feng Shui Fountain Be Placed 

The best place to put your Feng Shui fountain will be determined by your space’s Feng Shui energy map, or bagua, in addition to the interplay of Feng Shui's five elements. Generally speaking, the best areas to put your Feng Shui fountains in are the north, southeast, and east areas or an office or home, which are the space that most often concerns your career, money and wealth, as well as family and health.  

East: This is the family and health area which is the home of the bagua wood element. The water element nourishes wood. A cure in the specific area promotes mental, spiritual, and physical and helps to maintain harmony and peace in the family. 

Southeast: This is the area of abundance or money and wealth. It shares the wood element within the east bagua area. When a fountain is placed within the southeast area is not only good for abundance and monetary wealth and a wealth of blessings as well. 

North: This area is associated with your path in life and your career. Water is its element and is the ideal location for your water fountain.

Where to Not Put a Feng Shui Fountain 

A fountain can provide your home with nourishing energy but it may create problems as well if it is not placed in the right location. The main places that you should avoid placing a fountain are underneath staircases, the bedroom, or the south bagua area. 

It is recommended that a fountain or other type of water feature not be placed in the South since the area needs to have the fire element's strong energy. If water is placed in this location, it ends up creating conflicting energy - in the five-element cycle water puts the fire out. That can impede the flow of positive Feng Shui energy within your home. 

Having a water feature inside a better is also not good, no matter where the bedroom's Feng Shui location is inside of the home. That is because the water element may bring sorry and worry into the matter and may contribute to respiratory and cold problems. Also, don't put a fountain in a place that is directly beneath a bedroom. When a fountain is in a room next to a bedroom, it is not good to hear the fountain from your bedroom, especially while you are sleeping. 

Finally, don't put a fountain directly underneath a staircase, and this may promote negative energy that may lead to health issues and types of misfortunes for children of your household.


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