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Top 7 Tips for Picking a Moving Company


Picking removal companies, Cheltenham or where you are, to narrow down to the right one for you, can be somewhat daunting if you are not sure what to look for. It is, unfortunately, a fact that in every industry there are those who are just out to scam or lie about skill and experience to get work. That is the case in the moving industry too, but there are ways to spot them and sift them out of your Cheltenham removals for good. Here are our top ten tips for avoiding the cowboys and finding the genuine professionals who will take care of your belongings and charge fair prices for their services.

1. Do they have a professional looking website with important information available? While most companies may not design their own site, what they have had placed on it tells you something about them of itself. You should at least see their contact details, though more about their experience and services are better.

2. Hiring Cheltenham removals (or a company based where you are) tends to more expensive during peak times. If you are on a budget and are able to more flexible about when you move, try to do it mid-week, during the day. The most expensive time, of course, is at the weekend. Ask the removal companies about the different rates.

3. Find companies that want to make an appointment to come and visit to give a more accurate quote. While most will have general costs for different services they can tell you of, those quotes can change depending on the size of the move, what is being moved, if there are special needs and such. By visiting they can talk to you, assess the moving needs better and give a more accurate quote and a more individualized service.

4. Do they use stock photos on their website or are there actual pictures of them working? The latter shows them to be genuine, the former is what a cowboy outfit would use.

5. Do they have insurance, how much for, can they offer special items insurance for high-value belongings at an additional cost? Will they show you the papers and let you keep a copy? Never work with removal companies Cheltenham or anywhere that do not have insurance, or say they cannot show you or give you a copy of their policy.

6. Think about what requirements you have including how much you are moving, if anything is especially difficult, like a piano, do they have experience with that? 

7. Avoid getting overly caught up in just the cost of the move. Some cowboys charge over inflated prices to trick people into thinking they are paying for professional and experienced movers. Cheapest is not always the best. While the cost is certainly something that plays a factor in your final choice, it should not be the main factor.


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