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Tips for Women for Career Success

As a woman, you have three desirable scenarios that might be best for you when you are applying for a job.


Getting rewarded for your merit

Companies are implementing meritocracy models to help women (and men too) in advancing to senior roles. This model has given females the chance to consistently climbing up the ranks in many companies and compete in senior-level positions. This is why it has become common to find some companies having 90 percent of their workforce is female. This is the case with our company, with women leading in our Middle Eastern operations and Japan division both starting in the company as assistants.


While there are many competing for the roles, the advantage that employees – especially female – have been able to get is because they managed to use the initial, entry-level positions in leveraging their career scopes within their organization.


With a meritocracy model, employees (no matter the level) have the chance of developing skills that can be translated in senior roles (e.g. client resolution skills, adept negotiation skills, and business development skills). The Kraft Heinz Co. is a good example of a company that has been able to successfully used the meritocracy model. The company has seen positive success because they have focused on pushing for company performance. It has about 40,000 employees today.


If a company works on instilling the drive into their employees and provide incentives for striving hard – then rewarding them based on this ambition – then it will be a sign that they can quickly move up. There are some red flags you need to watch out for, and these are; rigid structures; and manager not ready do to quarterly check-ins or not giving any feedback on the performance, or even lacking positive reinforcement.


Considering a lateral move

The journey women are going to take in achieving their professional goals will be different from one woman to another. The line might not be straight or follow a linear blueprint. There is nothing wrong with this: a nonlinear progression is something that is supported by career growth experts and professional coaches.


A lateral move can be great when it comes to fulfilling your career potential, according to The Ladders. Both employees and companies can effectively use strategic lateral career movements when it comes to the progression of their careers.


These movements will be of benefit to both parties. Companies are going to remain with qualified individuals while employees are going to learn new skills and also get opportunities for getting promoted according to


A lateral position will be the best option if you want to be better prepared for senior roles. In most instances, you are going to get the chance of applying the skills you have learned in the past to your new departments (also innovating in the process).


You will be able to find new skills you can learn and master when you switch departments or even cities. Those qualified for the senior positions are the ones with a well-rounded perspective.


When you move laterally or internally, you get the chance of building company rapport and will be of benefit for a company that is in its growth stage. You will be able to provide feedback to the growth process when you have a good understanding of how the different divisions operate, whether together or separately.


The career paths of women need to be respected and recognized. Whether you are still in the process of vetting the company before accepting the position, looking for feedback or looking to create your path – you need to always make sure you are asking the right questions.


Preparing for success

It is important to prepare before you consider making changes, constructing a concise and clear outline, and detailing your vision.


You should begin by doing a thorough self-assessment of the skills you have, and it is important to be very honest with yourself when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses.


When you have this knowledge, you are going to be empowered with a concise directional guide towards the goals you have, and also a road map to follow.


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