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The Increasing Importance of Outsourced Call Centre Services for UK-based Businesses


Call centres are the backbone of a vast number of businesses. Providing excellent customer service is of the utmost importance when it comes to running any enterprise. However, this can be expensive and time-consuming, as it takes a great number of staff to perform call centre duties efficiently and no revenue is generated from the calls.  

UK-based businesses feel this in the first instance due to high-levels of demand and the high costs and time-consuming procedures of hiring new staff and provide training. 

Due to this, the outsourcing market soars by 36% each year, and, more than ever, companies are outsourcing their call centre services. 

But why is this such an appealing option for businesses? 

Well, it will save you time and money — the dream, right? 

Setting up your own in-house team is time- consuming. You must provide training, sign contracts and undertake admin work. By outsourcing your call centre services, you will be able to work with n an already established team, who doesn’t need training and will be able to serve your business’s needs from the get-go. 

Setting up your own call centre service also requires a location in which the calls will need to take place and the payment of quite steep salaries, especially if you’re intending to have 24/7 ongoing support. By choosing to outsource your call centre, you will be saving funds in these two different aspects as there will already be an infrastructure in place and a team of professionals at your disposal from the very beginning. 
Afterwards, you will able to relocate the funds you’d use in setting up your own in-house call centre towards your core product or main service —this is beneficial for the growth and perfecting of your main service. 

Expertise also plays a pivotal role in any business. By outsourcing your call centre service you will be working alongside highly-skilled professionals on the customer service field. This will allow your company to turn around effective and excellent customer service and consequently improve feedback and drive profits to the maximum as well as maximising client loyalty. 

Outsourced call centre services also have the advantage of being able to support diverse call times. Your costumers will be able to call at any point of the day and resolve any issue promptly and get any question answered in real time. 

According to Statista, the global market size of the outsourcing industry has reached $85.6 in 2018. It is estimated that by 2020 this number will keep on increasing.
Likewise, according to an article by Growth Business, a study published by PA Consulting Group last year found out that “nearly 35 per cent of UK organisations who outsource plan to ramp up this year.”

If you’re planning on outsourcing call-centre service, this is the best time to do it! The outsourcing industry is getting better and better at its craft and your business will definitely benefit from the expertise and effort of the professionals at your disposal. 


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