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The Advantages Of Door Entry Systems With Access Control Cards


The level of sophistication associated with modern access control cards is much higher than it was in the past. Today, these cards can be used to limit access to areas that require advanced security. 

As an added bonus, they also can be used in a number of other ways, helping to increase safety and providing managers and business owners with a chance to gather essential information.

Below are eight advantages that these cards bring to the table:

Increased security - Access control cards are most commonly used to enhance security. These smart cards make it easy for employees to carry their security credentials along with them. They can be imprinted with everything from a photograph of the individual to personalized biometric data. For instance, Zwipe and Inner Range have teamed up to create smart cards that incorporate fingerprint information. What makes these cards unique is that they are readable by the card readers that most clients already have. This additional data can help enhance security.

Access control - Smart cards are typically used in conjunction with door entry systems to grant access to buildings or secure locations. Today, there are options that can take things even further, providing secure access to everything from parking lots and elevators to reception areas. This makes it easy for employees to access locations where they are authorized to be. It also allows managers to tightly control access among staff members.

Device access - Another Way That Smart Cards Can Be Used Is to Limit access to electronic devices like computers, storage lockers, and printers. This is far more convenient than using keys or passwords.

Cashless spending - Modern access control cards can often be preloaded with monetary tokens or credits. These credits can then be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from paying for parking to buying food out of a vending machine.

Limiting visitor access- Smart cards are ideal for controlling access for visitors. Not only can they be activated and deactivated at specific times but they also can be used to grant or deny access to individual areas.

Safety and health - Access control cards make it easy for managers to figure out where individual employees are at any point in time suggest this Edinburgh locksmith. During an emergency, this can be extremely valuable since it makes it easy to verify that employees are safe or to find first aid providers.

A better understanding of the business - Being able to track the movements of employees throughout the day allows managers to spot areas where resources could be better used, helping to improve efficiency.

More than just access cards - In addition to traditional smart cards, many systems now use RFID bands or smart cards as a way of limiting door access. This is convenient for employees since it means that they don't have to carry an extra card. Similarly, RFID bands are ideal for businesses like vacation parks or retreats. Guests can wear their bands to access everything from their room to on-site storage lockers.


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