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Reviewing the Lavazza Modo Mio


There is no question that when it comes to quality coffee Lavazza does it very well. This is not a review of the coffee. This takes a closer look at the single serve coffee machine they have developed, the Lavazza Modo Mio. We will look at its design, how it works, the Lavazza Modo Mio pods and give an overall verdict on whether this stands out from other single-serve machines.

How is it designed?

This is certainly not one of the large and bulky machines you can get. It is a compact sleek design with a water tank that holds 800ml and is very simple to remove and refill when needed, as it is positioned at the back of the machine. It can fit on any countertop taking little room, its measurements are 128mm by 240mm by 320mm. With the power switch positioned on the side, it does need space between it and the next thing, if you have it lined up with other appliances you will not be able to access the on switch easily.

The machine uses Lavazza coffee capsules or pods so there is no need for using filters. The designers made sure the spout is high enough so that any kind of coffee mug can be used. You can move the drip tray so it is closer to the spout if needed. There is also a bin for used pods, though it has to be emptied after only 8 drinks.

Easy to use

Some designers overcomplicate things, but this is not one of them. The slot at the top that takes the coffee pod is clear and it is easy to use the handle to lock the pod in place. Then all you have to do is place your mug and press a button. The first coffee of the day takes a little longer as it is moving from cold water but it is still less than a minute. After that, the cups are quicker.

There are several flavors to choose, from, different strengths and blends and you can get decaffeinated as well. When you get the machine it comes with a small pack of coffee to get you started, which has 7 pods in it. The cost of the capsules does work out to be more expensive than if you were drinking instant coffee before when you break it down, this machine costs you about 35 cents per cup of coffee. However it is of excellent quality, there are blends for everyone and the pods are compostable so there is no need to be worried about adding problems to the environment.


The Lavazza Modo Mio is a basic no frills single-serve machine. If you want something to froth the milk or have multi-cup options, this is not the machine for you. However it is easy to use, the coffee is excellent, there is less waste with the pods and it is very affordable and sleek in design. When you do not have the space for something larger or the time for something more complex, this is a great option.


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