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3 Pros and Cons of Wet Rooms


Although for many people wet rooms are more associated with the elderly due to their convenience, modern versions of this type of bathroom are becoming increasing popular. 

Have you been long considering if you should invest in a wet room for your own home?

To help you come to a decision we are going to discuss the various pros and cons of the wet room-style bathrooms.

What Are Wet Rooms?

Perhaps this is your first time coming across the term “wet room” and you are not entirely sure what they are. 

It’s simple really, and rather self-explanatory – wet rooms are tanked or completely waterproofed bathrooms that feature a shower area installed to the same level as all the other parts of the room. The floor of your shower area will be flush with the rest of the bathroom floor.

Now you understand a little about wet rooms, it’s time to discuss the pros and cons of installing one in your home.

Pros of Wet Rooms

First, the pros...

Easy Access to Showers

Wet rooms offer an easy to access shower for the elderly, children and infirm people. 

While it’s true we noted that they are becoming more popular for their stylish design, you can’t escape just how practical they are. 

If you or anyone in your household has trouble moving in and out of your shower or bath, a wet room may be best for you. 

The most you may have to do is close a curtain or screen door that separates the shower area from the rest of the room.

Increase Your Property Value

Even if you have no intention of selling up and moving to a new house any time soon, a wet room should be seen as a great investment when the time comes. 

Particularly if you are adding an extra bathroom in the form of a wet room. It is thought, according to Phil Spencer - famous for TV show ‘Location, Location, Location’ - a new standard bathroom can increase the value by at least 2.88%, and a wet room could add even more.

Cons of Wet Rooms

Now to look at some of the downsides…

Dampness and Excessive Steam

A major downside to typical wet rooms is the fact that they can get very damp and steamy. 

However, this is only really a problem if the wet room is small or badly fitted. High quality bathroom panels and waterproof backing boards like those that JustWedi stock are perfect for wet rooms, bathrooms and showers.

It is also a problem that can be dealt with effectively by ensuring there is an extractor fan and plenty of ventilation.

Wet Rooms are Called Wet Rooms for a Reason

As the name suggests and the fact no special cordoned off and raised area is used for a shower in a wet room-style bathroom, the room can get very wet. 

Which means it can be difficult to stop toilet tissue, hand towels and other accessories and furnishings dry. 

While we suggest you keep this In mind, don’t let this minor downside put you off, as most wet room design and installation teams have clever ways to fight against the wetness.

The Flooring May Get Slippery

Although we have placed this under the cons of wet rooms, it is actually a misconception that wet rooms’ floors get slippery. 

Yes, the flooring is flat, but slip resistant tiling is used in the design and installation of a wet room. 

The funny thing is that rather than being a safety hazard, you will find that standard bathroom floors are less safe than wet room floors.

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