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Looking for a Special Gift for Someone? Take a Look at the Rose Bear


If you are looking for a unique gift to give someone for any occasion, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine's and so on, you might want to take a closer look at the rose bear. This is a bear made completely of beautiful roses, hand-crafted and using more than 500 roses, of whatever color you think your recipient might prefer. A perfect combination of a soft beloved toy and gorgeous roses that tell someone you care. Whether you need something for a child, a mother, a girlfriend, a wife or anyone else, this shows you care.

While there are several options online for places that sell this gift, find somewhere that guarantees your gift will be of high quality. Some places sell cheap bears, with poor quality in the flowers, poor gluing, only using 200 roses, long delivery times, no warranty and cheap materials. To avoid this look for somewhere that promises 100% satisfaction in their customers, over 500 roses, high-quality work, fast shipping around the world and a money-back guarantee and refund offer. That way you know they stand by their work and are sure you will love their rose bear.

Done well, these are pleasant to touch and you can also select from different sizes, from a very cute 10-inch bear up to a larger and huggable 26-inch bear. Colors vary, you can get the bear in all one color, grey, purple, pink, red, light blue for example, but you can also get a lovely Rose Bear holding a heart, and you can select a bear of one color and the heart will be a contrasting one. Some come with a bow and some do not depending on your choice.

Whether you need a gift for a reason, or just want to make someone smile, the rose bear is a perfect choice. Nestle a ring in the center of the heart and use the bear to propose to your partner. Give your daughter who has a huge teddy bear collection, a bear that she would never have thought existed! Show your mom you still love her with a sweet gift. Receivers are always impressed by this gift, its uniqueness, thoughtfulness, and beauty. When you get this for someone they will truly know you think of them fondly.

This is not a terribly fragile bear either. It can handle some falls and some gentle hugs! It is not demanding in terms of care – in fact, it needs no care! Just remember not to put it in direct sunlight if you want to preserve its color and avoid being overly vigorous with it. It will need occasional dusting but the way the roses are designed they are easy to wipe down. Roses and petals should not fall off as they are attached by hand very closely and securely. 

The rose bear is safe, it does not cause allergies to react and could be a great alternative that lasts a lot longer to a traditional gift of a flower bouquet. The roses themselves are almost impossible to tell from natural ones but are a decorative type. It could be in pristine condition still 5 to 7 years later!


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