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Purchasing Options When Buying A Used Tractor for Agribusiness



Purchasing Options When Buying A Used Tractor for Agribusiness

When looking to buy a used tractor, there are various purchasing options that you should consider: 


When it comes to buying used tractors, a popular option is to go to a used machinery auction. Here, you can find a range of trusted brands, and if you are dedicated enough, you can get a good bargain. Second-hand machinery auctions are common in farming and rural counties, so it will help to do some research online. 

You can also lookup the classifieds section in trade magazines like Farmer's Weekly and Auto Trader. 


The digital world has made life way much easier, offering all the information that you may need right in the palm of your hands. By doing some research online, you can get a good description of the equipment you want together with some accompanying details and images helping you get a better understanding of the product. You also get to find out more about the various dealers across the country. This way you can find a good and reputable local dealer and go check out the machine physically. There are many sites online where you can find product reviews and customer feedback helping you to make a more informed decision. 

Local Dealer

It always helps to have a local trustworthy dealer that has experience dealing with used equipment as this usually helps to minimize the risks involved. However, it is always a smart move to always check prices online as this not only helps to keep you up-to-date on the current "going" price for certain makes and models, but it also helps to keep your local dealer on their toes. 

Price Matters but Should Not be the Determining Factor

When it comes to buying any type of equipment, used tractors included, your final purchasing decision should not be based solely on the price. It is important to keep in mind the fact that, in most cases, the price of a product usually reflects its quality and user-friendliness. By going with the cheapest machine you find, you can end up with a product that gives you a poor return on your investment. The point is always to find a good product at an affordable price.  Always choose a reliable tractor manufacturer like John Deere. 

You want your tractor to serve you or your business for many years to come, so the age of the equipment will also be a key consideration. After finding a machine from a reputable brand that suits your budget, you need to ensure that it is not too old. If shipping costs are be a concern for you, you will also need to consider the location. 

Things To Look Out For In The Tractor

Now it is time to consider the used tractor's descriptions and specifications. Better yet, you should make a point to physically see the tractor so that you can inspect the following items:

The tractor's overall condition: Depending on how much the tractor has been used, you can expect the tractor cab and tires to have some wear and tear. A tractor that has seen little use will show little wear on the foot pedals, mats, and carpets around the pedals. Remember, if you need to change parts then the logistics for spare parts can mean down time and this impacts on your bottom end greatly. 

Tire wear: The condition and age of the tires should atop the checklist. In case the existing tread depth has worn out more than 50% its initial lug depeth, this should tell you that the tires are ineffective as they are the parts responsible for transferring the power from the tractor to the ground.

Fan: Examine the fan belt for any wear and splits. Also, consider inspecting the fan bearings. 

Steering wheel: It is important that you move the steering wheel back and forth with an adequate amount of force to see if it feels normal. 

Look out for any leaks: Oil streaks across the tires and hubs may be a sign of a faulty shaft seal. If so, check the hydraulics for leaks. 

Battery: When it comes to the battery, some of the important things you need to look out for include low water level, a moist layer of dirt on top, or green deposits on poles.

Damages cables: Damaged cables and poorly adjusted or defective lights are often signs of poor handling and maintenance. 

Inspect the engine: Take note of how the engine starts and also how it sounds. However, you should note that diesel engines often produce black smoke. Inspect the ventilation of the engine by placing a piece of paper at the end of the pipe. This will help you to detect any oil blown out the pipe. 

Pick-up hitch: Misuse by the operator can lead to wear in the swing-back pick-up hitch. As the hitch is lowered it will swing back and out from the back of the tractor. Excessive wear on the pins occurs when you apply the brakes while lifting a trailer forcing the hitch to carry up the load pulling it forwards.


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