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How To Make Your Daily Commute Worthwhile


If you are making a career change Swisslinx advise how to make it simple. When you find yourself in a new role it is worth considering how to use your commute time effectively.

1.         Put On Comfortable Shoes

While those high-heels may look great on you while at work, they aren’t meant to walk down the stairs or to the train station. Leave those flashy shoes in your locker and slide into comfortable flat-heeled trainers or supportive shoes. The trainers not only have a better grip and are more comfortable when dashing for the train but also helps keep your toes warm.

2.         Listen To Some Good Music

Most of us spend hours upon hours focused on hitting the daily goal before the end of the day, forgetting we still have a life to live. You can use your commute time to listen to your favorite jams or even get to discover new ones too. You will be surprised by how entertaining and relaxing the experience is.

3.         Listen To A Motivating Podcast

If you don’t feel like listening to music (for whatever reason), you might then be at peace listening to a motivating and exciting podcast. There are thousands upon thousands of these online, most of which are available for free. Podcasts provide an excellent way to learn something new every day.

4.         Plan Your Journey Ahead

Planning your journey could save you lots of frustration. Trains, for example, get canceled all the time. The traffic jam might be heavy or light depending on what time you plan on leaving. Planning ahead means you will know how the weather and traffic will be and train cancellations even before leaving the house.  Train companies have timetable apps that will notify you if a certain train is canceled, among other important alerts.

5.         Walk, If You Can

While some of us will hop onto the first bus that comes to sight, walking even for ten minutes to the next bus stop will go a long way in improving your physical fitness. Walking also allows you to meet new people, breathe some fresh air, and even save some money in the long run. You could also cycle if you are short of time or live too far way.

6.         Life Admin

Use the commute time to book that appointment with your dentist, write the email you’ve been postponing, or order grocery shopping online. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve while still on a commute.

7.         Learn More Skills

Taking the same route every day can become a bother for many. You meet the same people, probably board the same train, or sit in the same chair every day. Taking on something different, such as learn a new language, can help spice up the commute time a bit. Pick a language you’ve always wanted to learn or be fluent in, and start taking lessons for the same. There are plenty of tools and apps to help get you started.


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