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How To Incorporate Branding Into Your Office Design


Including branding elements in your office design can boost employee morale while at the same time making a great impression on any customers or clients who drop by. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this opportunity, creating drab, boring office spaces that do little to inspire. If you don't want to settle for an ordinary office space, try using these creative tips and techniques to incorporate branding into your design.

1. Develop And Refine Your Company's Image

Before you begin designing your office space, you should sit down with your team to talk about the image that you want to create for your brand. Branding is about more than just creating a logo and coming up with the color scheme. Instead, it is about defining how you want people to view your business.

What do you want people to think of when they think about your business? What core concepts do you value the most? To zero in on what makes your business unique, have everyone involved in the process brainstorm five different words that can be used to describe the business. In addition, have them come up with five descriptive words for the customers you are targeting.

2. Create Different Spaces for Your Employees And Your Clients

Areas that are designated specifically for staff members should feature a different design than areas that are geared toward clients. Employees and customers typically will have different views of your company, meaning that you need different designs if you want to connect with them.

The branding that is designed for customers may not resonate with your staff members and vice versa. Developing different branding campaigns for staff areas and client areas is the best way to ensure that your branding message really hits home in both spaces.

3. Choose the Most Effective Branding Locations

It is easy to go overboard when branding an office space. To avoid creating a space that is overwhelming, it is usually a good idea to incorporate branding only in the most effective areas.

For instance, the reception area is one of the key places where clients interact with your business, making it a great place to incorporate branding. For branding that is geared toward your employees, think about how your staff spends their time when they are at work. What areas are best suited to branding? How can you use brand-related design to encourage staff members to behave in specific ways?

4. Incorporate Your Products into the Design

Incorporating your own products into your office design is an excellent way to brand your space and to showcase how your products can benefit your customers. Printed acrylic blinds can be a great addition and meet this need. Although this won't work for every business, if it is applicable to your particular business model, it is definitely worth implementing this technique in your space.

5. Think about Color

Color is one of the most important components of any office design. Ideally, you should use your company colors in the space. If the colors are extremely bright or saturated, consider using them in moderation to keep from overwhelming the space.

In some cases, you might want to skip using your company colors altogether. For instance, if your employees work in a stressful environment, bringing loud, vibrant colors into the space may not be the best idea. It is also important to make sure that the colors fit with the personality of your brand. As an example, if you have a company that centers around creativity, a plain white office won't accurately represent the personality and characteristics of your business.


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