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How To Hire The Right Commercial Cleaning Company For Your Business


Are you looking for a trustworthy cleaning company for your business? It can be a daunting task to screen a large number of companies in your area. A cleaner business means a more productive work environment for your employees. Finding a cleaning company is akin to hiring a new employee- which is how you should treat the process.

We have seven questions you should ask yourself about prospective companies during the screening process. Doing so can help you eliminate the poor options!

1. Does the company have enough work experience?

Hiring a cleaning company with years of experience can set your mind at ease and you will know what to expect. Hiring a new, less experienced company is risky and you have no control over the outcome. An established business cares about their clients and they will want to please you, too! You will find they have a steady base of clients that trust them and they have standards they adhere to.

Shine Cleaning Solutions have been leading professionals in the cleaning industry. We believe in delivering the highest value possible, and among our many satisfied clients, you will find Extreme Sailing Series and Cardiff's One Central Square.

Bonus tip: Make sure your prospective cleaners are enthusiastic as well as experienced!

2. Does the cleaning company understand what your business is about?

Whether your business is a call center or a doctor's office, your cleaning company should be aware of the facility they need to clean. By knowing what you do for a living, they can cater the cleaning regimen to your needs.

When hiring a cleaning company, you will find that your building type has direct impact on the cleaners you should hire. You will need to provide information about the square footage of your business, the number of rooms along with the type of flooring.

Bonus tip: Be clear from the start about the level of cleanliness that you expect and the type of building you own.

3. Is the company willing to work with your projected schedule?

You need to consider when you will need your business cleaned. Along with a timeframe, you need to factor in when the cleaning is most convenient for you.

For example, schools are cleaned in the afternoons when there's downtime so they are prepped for the following morning. On the other hand, sports centers may be cleaned in the mornings or evenings. Is your business operational 24-hours a day? If so, choose a quiet time to schedule the cleaning.

A cleaning company that you hope to work with should respect your schedule at all times and allow for flexibility. Since your company is going to be aware of what your business does, they should manage cleaning on an approved schedule in a timely manner.

Bonus tip: Some cleaning companies want to make YOU fit into THEIR schedule, which is a company you should avoid at all costs.

4. Does the company have high cleaning standards?

It's important to interview prospective cleaning companies and find out more about their cleaning standards. Does their vision of 'clean' match up with your expectations? It's important to let a company know why they need to pay extra careful attention to your business.

Schools and hospital are especially put at risk when cleaning companies with slipping standards are employed. In fact, 710,000 people per year fall ill simply because of unclean wards or rooms.

At Shine Cleaning Solutions, we believe that it's all about making our clients happy! We use a color coding system for clothes and have our own high standards in place for the safety of our clients. Our cleaners are guaranteed to stick to the schedule of your choice.

Bonus tip: Always ask cleaners if they have previous experience cleaning a business facility similar to your own. If they have, you can feel more at ease.

5. What kind of work environment do you hope to create?

Reception areas are the first things that customers see when they walk into a business, so they need to be clean and clutter-free to feel welcoming. On the other hand, private rooms and offices need to be spotless to ensure they provide the perfect working environment.

We love clients who are passionate about their workplaces when they let us know about their needs. If something is important to you- it will be important to us as well!

Bonus tip: Don't just think about cleanliness, but the impression you want to make.

6. Do the cleaners have professional training?

When you choose to hire cleaners for your business or facility, making sure that the cleaners have the necessary training and experience is important. It's wise to deal with a company that hire cleaners with knowledge on how to use cleaning agents and equipment.

Oftentimes, experienced cleaners may charge more than competitors. The upfront costs may seem excessive, but when you factor in that you're paying for the experience they have- it's well worth it!

Usually, formal qualifications aren't required. However, the company in question should stick to health and safety standards perfectly.

Bonus tip: Ask a company for references from previous clients.

7. Are they insured?

It's not illegal for a group of people to advertise themselves as cleaners, but commercial cleaners should always carry valid insurance. In case someone gets hurt on the job or something happens to your facility, liability insurance is a must!

Bonus tip: Stay on the safe side by verifying if a company holds valid insurance.


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