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How Nonprofits Can Leverage Online Donations


Probably the easiest way to donate or contribute to a nonprofit organization and humanitarian effort is online. Some websites are dedicated to just collecting money for charity and then distribute it to whatever the cause, anywhere in the world. Creating a website is quite an easy process and it allows more people to be able to donate at their convenience. These sites are not about lots of ads or for promoting any specific brand or corporation. They are just a donation website for nonprofit organizations. Here is a look at how to create one for your charity.

The first step is the domain name

Step one in the process of creating a donation website is to get the right domain name. It is important it links to and can be easily associated with your nonprofit organization. There are all kinds of charities, some small some a lot larger but all are worthy. There are a significant number of donation websites already online so you need to make sure that people interested in donating to support the humanitarian work you do, come to find you not someone else with a similar charity name.

Money donation service

Once you have found and got a good domain name you need to set up a service account for a money donation. There are several organizations you can do that with, Paypal being the most popular right now, as more people have Paypal so it makes donations easier. Some services though will allow people to get donations with no fee at all. When you design the donation website you can create something like a Paypal button.

Keep the donation website simple

Since this is a website just for donations, you should keep it simple. You only need to use HTML pages and only three are really needed for the whole website. Then you need to design the website with a Donate Now page, a Homepage and then an About US page. In that last one make sure you talk about the charity or nonprofit organization. Make sure that the donate page instructions are simple and very easy to follow. If you ask someone to become a member before donating you are going to lose donations so save the recruiting for another website. Make sure that part of the details includes your contact information.


The design and success of a donation website are going to depend on the kind of reach you give it. If you are keeping it a small thing with your circle of acquaintances and friends then use a free platform. If you want a wider range than that then it is worth putting more into the design with a custom website. There are a few reasons for that but in general, free websites are looked down upon so if you want to create a better image to more people do something more.

Furthermore, if you are looking for information on registering a 501c3 Nonprofit this blog article on 501c3 Nonprofit is what you need to look at.


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