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How Companies Can Do A Better Job of Retaining Employees


Retaining employees is an important cost-saving measure. By improving your overall retention rate, you can keep your current employees around longer. That means that you have to spend less time and money interviewing applicants and training workers, which can add up to big savings for your business.

By working with a recruitment specialist such as Swisslinx you increase your chances of finding the best fit candidate for the job.


There are a number of strategies that you can use to encourage your employees to stick around longer. Some of those strategies are listed below.


Pay Higher Salaries


One of the primary reasons why employees move on is because they find better-paying jobs. To ensure that your current level of pay is adequate, research the average income in your area for each position at your company. The amount that you pay needs to not only cover the local cost of living but also to provide employees with extra that they can use to build a comfortable life. Oftentimes, it doesn't take a huge increase in wages to make a big difference. For instance, paying just 10% more could be enough to secure future loyalty from your employees. If there are jobs at your company that are challenging to fill, you may want to think about offering higher starting pay to attract more candidates for those roles.


Evaluate Employee Benefits


Offering excellent employee benefits is a good way to keep employees around. Typically, a benefits package is made up of a combination of health insurance, sick leave, personal time, vacation time, and more. Try to make your benefits package as attractive as possible to employees. Oftentimes, you don't need to make major changes. The simple act of switching to a different insurance company, offering dental or vision insurance, or providing coverage for their families is enough. Working with computers can be hard on eyes and vision insurance is great for this reason - if you're wondering about your eyes here is a good article on eye health. 


Think about other benefits that you can add to your package, as well. What about paying employees back for any money that they spend learning new skills for their jobs? Could you offer them a longer period of leave after they have a baby or adopt?


Choose the Right People


Improving employee retention rates starts during the hiring process. Velseoity recommends choosing the right people from the start. For instance, some companies do credit checks on potential hires. People who are struggling with credit-related issues may be more likely to seek out a different job. Try to find people who are passionate about moving up in your company. That way, they are less likely to leave in the future.


Provide Regular Employee Evaluations


Employee evaluations give you a chance to let your employees know how much you value the work they are doing for your company. Not only do these evaluations offer a chance to talk to them about things they could be doing better but they also provide an opportunity for you to praise them for the things they are doing right. These evaluations should be conducted by managers or supervisors who work directly with the employees on a regular basis. A little bit of appreciation can go a long way when it comes to leaving workers feeling satisfied. Showing your employees that you notice how hard they are working is a good way to help them feel better about their jobs.


Give Out Bonuses


Today's companies are all competing for the top talent. If your business doesn't give out bonuses, your employees may decide to move to a company that does. You don't have to go overboard. For instance, you could offer bonuses during the holidays that are directly linked to the performance of the employee in the previous year. Even small gestures like giving out gift cards can help boost morale. You could also try incentivizing bonuses. For instance, you could base the amount of the bonus on their total sales or on how many new customers they bring in to your business during the year.


If you want to improve your employee retention rates, you need to treat your workers well. By paying fair wages, providing ongoing evaluations, giving out bonuses, and offering top-quality benefits like medical care, you can let your employees know that you value their work. When employees feel like what they are doing matters, they are more likely to stick around for the long haul.


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