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Heat Recovery – Conserving Thermal Energy


When talking about heat recovery, this is the process of taking thermal energy that would otherwise be lost and conserving it. It can be recycled into other systems like hot water, or it can be reintegrated back into the original process. It is a fact that no system designed and made by people is 100% energy efficient. No matter how hard the focus is on efficiency, there is always some waste energy releasing into the environment. When you use a heat recovery system you can recover a percentage of that energy, depending on how good the system, up to 95% can be recycled. Here is a closer look at conserving thermal energy.

Heat Exchangers

There are several techniques depending on the system and process used. Essentially they break down to either heat exchangers or energy recovery wheels. A heat exchanger will take thermal (heat) energy from gas or liquid and transfer it to another. Using conveying tubes and conduction these recover the waste heat. Examples of commonly used heat exchangers are radiators in engines, air-conditioning units, and combined heat generators. 

It can work with direct application, for example where in a car the heat from the engine transfers to inside the car to keep the occupants warm. It can also have secondary applications, boosting efficiency, or it can move to a third party process.

Why use heat recovery?

Do not overlook the importance of heat recovery both in people's homes and in various factories and industries. This is good not just for people and their energy bills, in homes and in places of work, but is also important for the environment too. Get control of lost heat energy, save some money and help the world deal with issues like greenhouse gas emissions and fuel shortages. The investment is well worth it. 


One of the leading suppliers in the world of heat exchangers for industrial factories is Exodraft. We have years of experience and understanding of solutions that can recycle flue gas and process the heat to improve efficiency. On our site, you can find plenty of detailed information if you want to know more, and we welcome you to get in touch. No-one in this industry understands efficient combustion and chimney draught as well as we do. Our experts are highly sought after, as are the integrated solutions we offer.

The energy lost in process heat and flue gas can range between 10 to 15%. Exodraft can install a system that will take up to 95% of that otherwise lost energy, and we do so at highly competitive prices. You can recoup the investment costs within just a few years, quickly moving to saving money. At we have only high-quality products that are both safe and efficient. We have excellent customer service and guarantee our system will work. We are proud not just of the product we offer but also of the countries and industries we serve!


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