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Urgent Help Needed Please…..Facebook have blocked my business, personal and Messenger account.

Has anybody experienced this situation. Facebook sent me a notification on the 8th Oct telling me that they thought i was too young to have an account. I'm 58 by the way, and I've been on Facebook for a long time.

The challenge is, my business Facebook page is linked to my  personal facebook page (which is the one that's been blocked) and if you search for me you, will find the business page, but you won't find my personal page. Because my business page is accessed through my personal page, I've lost access to make changes and updates to the business page. And I've also lost Messenger (never realised til now how much I used Messenger)

They wanted photo ID to that showed my name, so I sent the photo page of my passport (with just the photo and the name showing, which is no more than can be found on facebook anyway)

SO now I wait!! A message I recieved from Facebook, which appears over my facebook page when I try to accesss it, told me that due to COVID and staff shortages, the process may take some time but it seems that I can't contact them to find out how they're doing.

Does anyone have any golden nuggets of advice, other than starting all over again with a new profile.

Any nuggets gratefully received


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