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Car Cleanness And Care – How To Encourage Staff To Care For Company Car 

A wise man once said cleanness is closer to godliness. This is a fact that affects all aspects of life. Did you know that according to psychological studies, a man’s mind and frame of thought can be easily identified by the way they carry themselves and the level of cleanness? In other words, the cleaner and organized a person and their environment are, the more organized they are in person. 


For this reason, having a clean, well-organized, and hygienic vehicle will benefit you in many ways. It is not only a good practice to observe but also plays a part in helping a person’s mind stay focused. It does also play a role in relaxing someone and preventing anxiety while giving other people lifts. It teaches a person to respect vehicles, which means that you are less likely to treat the vehicles poorly. In a nutshell, you will have all required repairs and maintenance done on time. 


It is easy for dirt to pile up overnight, and it is easy to make a person feel like it is a chore that must be done at least 3 days a week. What many people do not know is that there are simple practices one can apply to make the whole process less annoying or feel like a chore. This is where cleanness maintenance comes into the picture. 


Cleanness maintenance simply refers to doing everything possible to maintain your level of cleanness without actually without cleaning. For example, assuming that you are eating a snack while in the vehicle; consider maintaining tidiness and remove any trash after reaching your destination to dispose of. And ensure to buy car mats for the company car to prevent issues with dirty feet. 


All these factors are applicable when offering your employees, the Company Car Policy. Keep in mind that it is a privilege you are offering them and not a right. For this reason, you have the right to exercise specific care and conduct policies as part of a fair agreement. 


This is why it is paramount to consider the following: -


1. The Importance Of Illustration 


It is worth it for your staff to know the importance of a vehicle and why it is a privilege to have it and not a right. To achieve this, show how valuable the vehicle is, what the employees may be responsible for, and how much maintenance you are willing to invest. Examples include not fueling the vehicle on any travel that is not work-related. Showing how the car finance rates are; as an investment on your part to the staff’s best success. This will make them appreciate more. 


2. Create An Understanding 


Consider coming up with an incentive program that can help employees feel encouraged to take care of the vehicles. Remember, the incentives should revolve and be about the vehicle. For example, you could opt to have the vehicles inspected for scratches, bumps, restoration work, or a change of the interiors. If you find damages that were not reported, know that the employee did experience an accident and failed to report the matter. Let this attract some form of punishment or discredit. 


On the other hand, promote and reward good driving and a lack of insurance claims. You can achieve this by offering a bonus at the end of every year. If the employee is straightforward about certain problems they underwent, you may offer them a bonus for their honesty. Be consistent in your approach. 


3. Opt For Quality 


Opt for a quality company vehicle on your part as the employer. The vehicle should be something that they can use for their daily commute, has good fuel economy, and be safe to drive. Going for such a vehicle will make it easy for them to take care of it.


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