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Binoculars - Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Ones


Many times, we need to watch the details of something that is several miles away. Unfortunately, naked eye is limited and isn't able to observe something that is outside its range of vision. For that reason, binoculars are so important these days.

Have you ever wanted to have the vision of an eagle or a hawk? Well, the closest you'll be to something like that is watching through the lenses of a pair of binoculars. These tools have been present in life of man during centuries. Navigators used telescopes to guide themselves through the immense sea. Surely, many would have failed in their mission to find new lands without the help of this kind of tools.

Modern binoculars are the product of years of research and development in the field of optics. However, the principle has always been the same. Images that we perceive through the eyes are the reflection of light on objects and living beings that interact in our environment. The more light is reflected towards our eyes, the more details we'll be able to perceive of the same image.

Binoculars help us to capture more of that reflected light so we can distinguish details that go unnoticed by naked eye. So, if you're looking for the best binoculars, these should have the highest light gaining.

Currently there are hundreds of different brands and models in the market with very useful features. Some have anti-reflective coatings, which prevent part of the light that falls on binoculars from bouncing on the surface of the casing.

Some models use darker lenses to capture much more light and having a sharp and clear crystal image. It's proven that the darker the surface, the less light is reflected. Therefore, if you want to have less loss of light, choose models with this type of lens.

Obviously not all binocular models are useful for any activity. Depending on the use that you are going to give them, you'll know how to choose the zoom and lens size. For example, if you have in mind to buy binoculars for recreational purposes, you don't need too much zoom. Many people use binoculars during a baseball game, a horse race or a concert. Nature lovers use them to watch birds in the sky or other animals from a safe distance. In these cases, a 10X zoom and 42mm lenses are more than enough.

For fans of astronomy, telescopes and astronomical binoculars are the best option. The latter are usually cheaper and easier to handle. If your intention is to watch the stars during the night or the details hidden in the surface of moon, you'll need a zoom higher than 20X and 100 mm lens.

In some cases, you need too high zooming to distinguish even the smallest detail. Some documentalists and photographers need this level of detail to obtain incredible results in their photos and videos. In these cases, spotting scopes are the most appropriate, with zoom that reaches 60X.

As you can see, choosing the best binoculars and telescopes is not an easy task. First you must know what features you need to make the wisest decision.


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