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A Forever Rose - A Perfect Gift for Princesses of all Ages


There are many situations where flowers are the perfect gift for someone, to let them know you are thinking of them, to say how special they are, and so much more. But the sad thing about fresh flowers is that they only last so long. What if you could give the gift a beautiful rose that will last at least 5 years?! The Forever Rose is just that, a rose in a glass dome inspired by the magical fairytale 'Beauty and the Beast'. Now the princess in your life, whether it is a daughter, wife, mother, a friend can have that wonderful feeling of being the owner of a perfect and beautiful real enchanted rose!

Several places offer a forever rose nowadays, and you can find them at different price levels and in different sizes. If you want to gift a smaller rose in a glass dome you could check out the mini options, every size comes in a variety of colors though if your gift receiver is a big fan of the tale and movie then red is the way to go. You can also get premium options and then up to larger king-sized options.

Thousands of girls and women have received one so far, and all are delighted and enchanted by the look of the rose and message it carries. That love is important, and the message of the movie, that we should look beneath into a person's heart to see their true worth. In today's age, such messages can get lost. You can re-enforce the power of goodness and of love and add some magic into someone's life with this kind of gift.

It is not just little girls who dream of being a Princess Belle that would love a Forever Rose. It could be a perfect way to propose to the woman you love. The glass dome can be lifted and the rose can be touched, so you could slip in the ring inside and present her with the gift! It is not in a vacuum, the rose has been through a special process and the dome just helps to protect it and keep it in top condition for as long as possible. 

Maybe you know someone who just loves roses and would love to have such a treat. A rose in a glass dome makes a perfect anniversary gift, wedding gift, birthday gift or for no reason at all, it is a great way to make someone's face light up with the magic of it all. Some offer the option of having an engraving at its base, so you can send a message, or even have a special design or picture inscribed there.
Even people who are not good with flowers or plants can receive this as a perfect gift. It does not need any care, no watering or feeding. The only thing is to not put it in direct sunlight. If you know of someone who would love a real enchanted rose, this is going to be the best gift you could find for them!


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