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5 Great Reasons Your Business Needs SMM


Social media marketing also referred to as SMM has become a very important part of business marketing and advertising. Whatever your business is, who your audience is or what you are selling, you can really improve brand awareness and customer numbers with good strategies in social media marketing. Not having a presence in social media, where you can even buy followers to boost the numbers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, for example, makes no sense nowadays. This is a great opportunity and here is why!

1)  Increase the web traffic coming to your site and reaching out
Posting on social media is a great way to move traffic to a website where you can then generate sales or provide your service. A lot of people do not realize how much marketing goes on with these sites and see them just as places for socializing. This means they are more likely to respond to efforts that try to connect with them. If a person you know likes a page or recommends it, you are more likely to go look because that comes from a friend.

2)  Social media to improve SEO
Using social media can help with your search engine optimization too. Pages that are bringing in traffic tend to be favored over ones that are just out there, with no activity on then. This means while you can buy followers to boost your numbers and appeal to real people from your seeming popularity, you do need to work on long term activity and support too.

3)  Respond to your followers
It is important you respond to comments for several reasons. They see you are active and are engaging with you. They know you will respond even if the comment is about an issue they have. Others will see how engaged you are and connected with your customers.

4)  Build and sustain brand awareness and loyalty
Studies have found that those brands who are active on social media have followers and customers more loyal than those who do not. This is because the kind of interactions that can be had with these sites make you seem more likable and reminds customers you are people with a vision rather than a faceless and cold business.

5)  Connect with other industry leaders as well as consumers
Social media marketing is a chance to build important relationships. You can talk to your customers to see what products do well and what ones do not. You can use that to help with your business and strategies. You can also connect with other leaders in the industry you are in and even with reporters who cover the industry.


Having a presence on social media is a key part of bringing in numbers to your website. You can start out with the option to buy followers so that you appear to have a larger following as that can draw in more likes or followers. But you do need to build up some real followers too as that is where the business is, and they are the ones who will be sharing your page or re-tweeting and getting your brand out there.


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