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Contact: Andrew Gooding
Address: 2 Fitzalan Mews, Arundel, BN18 9LF
T: 07812 826086
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smoothmonkey are a lively acoustic rock duo playing a mixture of rock, pop and other covers (old and new) and original material. Made up of the partnership…

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A Bookkeeper’s Life: HR, recruitment, law…. and the odd bit of accounts!...

Having spent my career in finance based roles, the move to start my own business and provide bookkeeping services seemed like a straight forward one that would call upon my core skills. Rightly or wrongly I perceived bookkeeping as very much being about… more

Dropbox users continue to unwittingly leak tax returns and other private data

“If you use the free version of Dropbox, you should not use the Share Link facility as it could be leaked to a third party.”  See for more information. more

What you don’t know can’t hurt you right?....Wrong…

With the rise of hotel websites and booking online, the ‘miracle’ of the web knows no bounds right? Let me tell you an interesting story… A few moons back I was asked to go out on a trip to another country to help our Contractor with getting new… more

Beware the celebrity endorsement..not all is as it seems!

Fascinating isn’t it? Even I, a battle weary 40 something can get wrapped up in this cult that has been growing over the past few years, whether its celeb big brother and seeing how z listers get on with A-listers all in one house or seeing some other… more

Blowing the lid on what really goes on in the Travel Industry….

More inside info from The Secret Travel Agent….. Yes, this story is completely and utterly true! Funny isn’t it that so often these days we are all only programmed by the different media channels that we choose to watch and read….specifically… more

Why has arranging your holiday lost all its sexiness?

What happened…when did travel become so boring? Why did it suddenly become so run of the mill? Going to book a holiday these days is so bland that we’re not surprised that the EU system of the same sized Banana’s and Apples seems to… more

Auto Enrolment - Unplugged…!

Small Businesses - who are now obliged to offer Workplace Pensions -  are being asked to pay a Set-Up fee of up to £1000 – followed by an ongoing Management/Admin charges of around £30 per month for the life of the pension fund. That could run… more

What you need to know about Auto-Enrolment… because like it or not, it’s coming..!

Auto Enrolment is coming, and almost every business that employs people is going to have to do something about it - or pay the price - which starts off with a fine of £400. The Government will penalize you for NOT doing what you are supposed to do, but… more

How to get the best low-rate mortgage deal

As rates hit new record low levels and with lender competition set to grow even fiercer, there has never been a better time to get a mortgage. So, how do you get the best deal? Ask a qualified mortgage adviser. At the end of Q3 2013, the news was awash… more