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First Friday Network support the Chichester Chamber of Commerce in their stance against the introduction of Sunday parking charges in Chichester. Please see below a communication from Farid Ahmed, President of the Chamber, asking for your support to sign the e-petition.

"Those of you present at Monday's Chamber meeting will have heard from Trevor James how the imposition of Sunday parking charges was pushed through in a most undemocratic manner and without the approval of CDC's own Parking Forum.

Whilst we obviously recognise the district council's need to generate revenue, the Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry has long campaigned against the introduction of Sunday parking charges due to the damage it would cause to local business, besides other societal reasons. We are appalled that our repeated requests for an economic impact study before any charges are introduced has been ignore which, in all normal business environment, would be absolutely fundamental before reaching a decision: ie. on balance, does it make economic sense?

We therefore encourage you to sign the e-petition at this website: . If 1000 signatures are acquired, by both the e-Petition and its hardcopy counterpart, then the full District Council has to debate the petition request. Hopefully, the increased awareness and closer scrutiny of the debate and any subsequent vote may persuade the Council to revise its decision.

The greater the number of signatures, the greater the weight the Council says that it gives to any petition that is within its remit to grant.

Please sign the petition if you support the Chamber's stance on this issue, and encourage others to do so too.

Thank you."

Farid Ahmed
Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry