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Having recently read in the news the articles on councils, educational establishments and businesses being sold IT hardware from main stream manufacturers that doesn’t actually fit the exact needs of the business, it raises the questions of why do businesses buy from big brands that don’t have their client’s businesses best interest at heart?

It was reported that in a number of cases, schools were being sold laptops for more than £2000 each when they are available to buy online for under £500 and businesses were being sold servers for more than 5 times their normal retail cost.

BBC New Article Here:

It seems some, but not all, of the big brand manufactures are forgetting the importance their product and advice has on businesses and that in a large number of cases, businesses are willing to accept the advice and product recommended by these big brands. Where have these businesses morals gone?

A large amount of what we do at Centus Systems is offering sound advice when it comes to IT procurement and hardware buying. We understand that when businesses and establishments purchase IT equipment, they are investing in technology for their business. The purchase needs to reflect the needs of the business and in turn offer the very best return both in cost value for money and long term performance and sustainability. This long term sustainability represents the sounds investment in technology.

At Centus, we strive to deliver the very best IT hardware solution for your business, developing every system to exact needs, meaning you only pay for exactly what you really need. Our systems set some of the highest standards for quality, performance and reliability.

So the next time you need new PC’s, Servers or Workstations, or just need IT hardware advice, contact Centus Systems.

If you would like further information on any of our systems or services, of would like to order a system, please call us on 03300 881 656 or email