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The Fitness & Weightloss Playground

Contact: Playground Fitness
Address: 11 Cavendish Street, Chichester, PO19 3BS
T: 01243 781019
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The Fitness & Weightloss Playground - make living healthily fun! A bit like a bootcamp except none shouts at you and you have fun! We use space hoppers,…

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As part of our 2012 bid to get new technology into businesses, Centus Systems have a fantastic offer.

Here at Centus Systems we understand the cost implications of upgrading and replacing old hardware at the end of its lifetime. This is why we have a fantastic scheme in place to give you money back for your old systems when you buy a new one from Centus!

1. Buy any new PC from Centus and trade in your old one for £50 off, per system!
2. Buy any new Server from Centus and trade in your old one for £100 off, per system!

We don't just throw away your old PC, we work with companies throughout the UK to recycle and re-use wherever possible. Your old systems could end up in 3rd world classrooms, youth centres, charity day care units and educational facilities throughout the UK.

On top of this, we help you to meet your corporate WEEE and RoHS requirements through the safe disposal of IT equipment through designated, registered and authorised partners. Read more here

Take advantage of this fantastic offer today and contact us Here or call us on 03300 881 656.